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Rates and Membership

To ensure our clients are able to tailor their membership package that’s consistent with their Goals, Threshold Training offers two distinct types of membership packages.

MEMBERSHIP CONTRACTS (click here to Browse and Purchase).

Membership Contracts afford 2x, 3x, 5x , or unlimited weekly access to Threshold Training’s Group Training program. Membership Contracts are 3, 6, or 12 months in length; payments are auto-debited each month for the duration of the contract.

Click Here For Threshold Training’s Current Membership Contract Pricing Options.

Of Note: We reward customers and community members willing to make a long-term commitment to our program by offering both significant discounts, and convenient monthly payment options to those who opt to purchase a long-term contract or membership. Because they’re discounted, many of these membership contracts cannot be terminated early or paused. Please read our policy on each membership carefully, as we’re not able to make exceptions to these conditions. WE ASK THAT ALL CURRENT AND PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS CAREFULLY READ THE INFORMATION BELOW REGARDING OUR PRICING STRUCTURE(S) PRIOR TO PURCHASING A MEMBERSHIP OPTION.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS AND BOOTFIT PUNCHCARDS (click here to Browse and Purchase).

Individuals who wish to save even more on their training dues may also pay for their training package up-front. These memberships are discounted according to the following schedule:

  • 3 Month Contracts: Save 25% on your first month;
  • 6 Month Contracts: Save 50% on your first month;
  • 12 Month Contracts: Receive a free month of training.

This is also where individuals who wish to purchase a BootFit Punch Card may do so. Please note: Effective 2/1/17, Threshold Training will no longer be offering month-by-month training memberships, or 10-class punch cards for CrossFit Group Training Programs.


Whether you’re an athlete preparing for a particular event, a CrossFitter looking to address a chronic weakness, a coach looking to recommend a training regimen for his team in the off-season, or even an individual recovering from surgery or other physical ailment, CrossFit TT’s Identity Personal Program Design services provide individuals with a broad array of options for a fully-customized training experience.  With coaching and training credentials in numerous sports outside of CrossFit, Not only can CrossFit TT’s network of coaches create both seasonal and annual training, strength and conditioning programs for endurance (Swim, Bike, Run, and Triathlon) and Team-sport (Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Football, and Lacrosse) athletes and teams, but also we can integrate with existing plans and methodologies to become the extended strength, conditioning, or program design arm  of any team, program, or athlete.

    • Identity™ Personal Program Design Package : $249.99 / month, plus tax (click to Purchase). This membership auto-renews every 30 days for a six-month period. When purchasing an Identity™ Membership, you are purchasing a Contract; These contracts may not be terminated early. Identity™ Memberships may be paused for one 10-day period (see CrossFit TT’s membership pause policy.), provided written notification is provided 10 days in advance (exceptions are given to individuals who become injured with the provision of written documentation provided by a physician).


Good people know good people. CrossFit TT is proud to offer its REFERRAL PROGRAM where CrossFit TT community members can earn $50 for each new member they refer to CrossFit TT’s program. Additionally, anyone who makes 12 referrals within the course of a year…will receive 6 months of training at no cost.

That’s right. At no cost. As in ‘for free.’  It’s our way of saying thank-you for helping us grow.

How it Works.

In short, here’s how the program works:

  • You refer a new athlete to CrossFit TT;
  • If, after completing their On-Ramp, the referred athlete purchases a 6-month contract, you’ll receive a $50 credit on your account.
  • Anyone who successfully refers 12 new members to CrossFit TT…will receive 6 months of Unlimited Training…for free.

Qualifying Criteria.

Referrals must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the program:

  • Referrals must indicate who referred them when making their initial purchase at CrossFit TT (On-Ramp). To help facilitate, encourage, and track referrals, new clients will be prompted to volunteer who referred them to us when they create their Mindbody profile (in fact, moving forward, this field is mandatory for new clients). Nevertheless, please be sure to remind your referrals to indicate who sent them…and please note that we cannot retroactively assign referral credit after an initial purchase has been made.
  • Referrals must purchase a 6 month contract within 1 month of completing their On-Ramp program. 10 card punch-cards or 3 month contracts do not qualify for referral credit.
  • Qualifying referrals must be new clients, or community members who’re returning to us after a prolonged (greater than 6 months) absence.


CrossFit TT offers select discounts for Armed Service, Law Enforcement, and First Responder Personnel, Students, and employees of businesses within the CFTT Business Alliance Network. To enquire about discount eligibility, email us at info@crossfitTT.com; to redeem a discout provided to you, click here, and enter the promotional code issued to you by your Human Resources coordinator or Commanding Officer.

Note: All prices above are subject to a 7% VT sales tax.


Heading out of town on business? Going on a long vacation? Don’t sweat it. CrossFit TT allows members 1x pause on a 6 month contract and 2x on a 12 month contract . All you need to do is to send us a written request to pause your membership 7 days in advance of when you’d like the pause to come into effect.  (Memberships are paused for no less than 10 days.)

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