Many of you have expressed interest in re-testing 16.2. We welcome individuals to do so, and have developed the following game-plan for athletes who wish to do so:

  1. Times and Timing. Athletes may re-test tomorrow, 3/6, during Open Gym (9-10:30). Additionally, Tyler will be opening the gym for a re-test session tomorrow between the hours of 3:0 and 5:00 PM. Because it’s disruptive to the class environment, and because we’re down several coaches this week, we will not be able to accommodate athlete re-tests on Monday.
  2. Judges. We respectfully request that athletes who’d like to re-test make every effort to supply their own judge during these times, especially during Open Gym. Please be mindful of the fact that the coach on-duty during Open gym is there to support everyone, and cannot realistically support the needs of other athletes in attendance if they’re tasked with being a judge.
  3. Expectations. 16.2 is one hell of a hard workout. Part of what makes it so challenging is that fact that it’s so un-assuming on-paper. For many, the clean weights look manageable, the volume of T2B and DU’s aren’t oppressive, and the time-cap(s) look reasonable. When all three elements are added together, however, theworkout quickly becomes something that gets unmanageable, fast. Getting out of the first round constitutes a significant accomplishment; getting out of subsequent rounds, a remarkable athletic achievement. While we support everyone who’s itching to re-test, we also want to make sure that we’re managing expectations for those that elect to do so. If you’re re-testing because you came-up short of getting into the next round by 3-4 cleans, and you’re convinced that you left some energy on the table by going out too fast, or not going out fast enough, then by all means, re-test. We’d rather that you go into next week’s WOD knowing that you gave it everything you had in 16.2 than have you angry about the fact that you could’ve gone harder. If, however, you can look at yourself in the mirror, and confidently say that you couldn’t have gone any harder today than you did during the WOD, then re-testing tomorrow makes little sense. The fitness that you have right now won’t be any different from that which you’ll have tomorrow. Accordingly, a max-effort attempt tomorrow is unlikely to yield an appreciably different result than the one you put forth today. Worse, it could wipe you out even further, and leave you at a further deficit come 16.3. Before making the decision to re-test, make sure you know WHY you want to do so, and HOW you’re going to approach the WOD differently to achieve the desired result. If you want a ‘gut-check’, feel free to drop us an email or line – we’ll do our best to help. And before making the decision to re-test, know this: We – your coaches – couldn’t be any more proud of the efforts you put forth today than we are right now. You all gave it one hell of a go today; one more than one occasion, we were left absolutely speechless. If you decide to re-test, we’re here to support you…but we’re already proud of everything you’ve accomplished.