Referral Program

CrossFit TT is proud to announce the launch of it’s NEW REFERRAL PROGRAM. Effective 11/1/15, existing CrossFit TT community members can earn $50 for each new member they refer to CrossFit TT’s program. Additionally, anyone who makes 12 referrals within the course of a year…will receive 6 months of training at no cost.

That’s right. At no cost. As in ‘for free.’  It’s our way of saying thank-you for helping us grow.

How it Works.

In short, here’s how the program works:

  • You refer a new athlete to CrossFit TT;
  • If, after completing their On-Ramp, the referred athlete purchases a 6-month contract, you’ll receive a $50 credit on your account.
  • Anyone who successfully refers 12 new members to CrossFit TT…will receive 6 months of Unlimited Training…for free.

Qualifying Criteria.

Referrals must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the program:

  • Referrals must indicate who referred them when making their initial purchase at CrossFit TT (On-Ramp). To help facilitate, encourage, and track referrals, new clients will be prompted to volunteer who referred them to us when they create their Mindbody profile (in fact, moving forward, this field is mandatory for new clients). Nevertheless, please be sure to remind your referrals to indicate who sent them…and please note that we cannot retroactively assign referral credit after an initial purchase has been made.
  • Referrals must purchase a 6 month contract within 1 month of completing their On-Ramp program. 10 card punch-cards or 3 month contracts do not qualify for referral credit.
  • Qualifying referrals must be new clients, or community members who’re returning to us after a prolonged (greater than 6 months) absence.

Additional Bonus.

To make it even easier to get your friends to join our community and to earn referral credits, we’re launching our new referral program in conjunction with a New Membership Special. For the next three weeks, we’ll be offering the following special to new members – buy an On-Ramp; receive 3-months of unlimited training at 50% off. As an added bonus for you, our existing community members, this special is eligible for referral credit. SO SPREAD THE WORD! If you’ve got friends who’ve been on-the-fence, now’s the time to get them excited about our community!