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Progression Quantified. Community Galvanized.

Like many CrossFit Affiliates, we measure our fitness by tracking our progress against Benchmark WOD’s. Unlike many affiliates, we recognize those both those of us who go faster each time…and those of us who go the fastest.

The concept is simple. The first first three benchmarks you break, you earn your jacket – a commemorative piece issued in recognition of the hard work, discipline,  commitment you’ve made to achieving your goals. Every three you break thereafter, you earn your stripes – badges of honor signifying your continued progress. Go faster than any other Male or Female athlete at CrossFit TT has gone before…and you earn the right to carry the House Shield®.  A traveling trophy bestowed to those who set the House Record in one of the Benchmark Workouts, House Shields® honor and recognize those who’ve furthered the progression of our affiliate as much as they’ve furthered their own. While it’s easy to understand the concept behind the concept may be simple, earning your Jacket or the right to bear a House Shield® is anything but. And holding on to one? That’s whole different story…

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