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Get your money’s worth. You paid for the entire hour – plan to stay for it. Regardless of how long the workout lasts, each of our classes is programmed to be an hour long. Time not spent doing the WOD is spent warming up, improving mobility, providing instruction for the WOD, and loosening/cooling down after the WOD. TO ensure you’re getting the most out of each workout, please plan to be in class for the full hour.

Keep it Clean. Help foster our sense of community by cleaning and sterilizing the equipment you use prior to returning it to it’s proper place. Spray bottles and green equipment wipe-down rags are conveneitnly located throughout the gym; please use them to wipe down any bars, mats, equipment, or floor-space, or anything else you’ve sweat on during your workout. Remember – the class immediately following yours has the right to a workspace as clean as the one provided to you during yours.

The Word is the WOD. Unless specifically instructed by the Lead coach, or directed by a CFTT Identity Program, all class attendees must follow the WOD as directed by CrossFit TT. While attendees may consult with the Coach in order to scale each WOD according to their ability level, we do not allow attendees to do an alternative WOD unless it has been both discussed with and approved by the coach prior to the start of class.

Chalk is a Privilege – Not a Right. Chalk is the curse of the affiliate owner. It helps improve grip, but it also can be exceptionally messy, and can lull clients into a false sense of security regarding grip-strength. Don’t be surprised if the chalk decides to hide on occasion…especially if folks aren’t responsible with it. Remember – chalk belongs on hands, in a bucket, or on a bar…and nowhere else.

Be On-Time.  Classes start exactly when advertised. Attendees who arrive late to class may be subject to extra work as assigned by the coach. Habitual offenders may subject the entire class to extra work as assigned by the coach (seriously). Be advised that if you are more than five minutes late to a class, the Coach reserves the right to assign you a different workout, or to deny participation in the class. We try to be fair with this policy, and will do our best to accommodate each and every athlete as the circumstances allow; Please understand that this is for both your safety and the safety and experience of those around you. Some workouts require the full 60 minutes, and can’t accommodate interruptions and repeated instructions.

Count Your Reps. We ask all athletes keep track of their reps within each WOD. This is for two reasons:

1.) It’s good for you. Part of the CrossFit experience is being able to think while taxed – we want to avail all of our clients of this fringe benefit.

2.) Score tracking. Each athletes score or time for the WOD will be listed on the whiteboards in the gym. We do this in order to:

    1. Track performance over time;
    2. Share in each others successes;
    3. See what weights people of comparable strength to us used as a benchmark for scaling;

Even if you’re not interested in tracking your own scores over time, we still ask that you keep and record your scores on the whiteboards after each workout. Even if you don’t find it helpful, chances are that someone else will.

Healthy Competition is Encouraged. Emphasis on Healthy. One of the nice things about working out in a group is how the dynamic lets individuals push one another. We welcome and encourage such competition – it’s part of what makes CrossFit unique. Any hard feelings arising from such competitions, however, aren’t welcome. Workouts are binary functions – you have it on that day, at that time…or you don’t. Life is too short to be spent being bitter over such things – we don’t tolerate those who are.

Check Your Ego at the Door. CrossFit is humbling for everyone…just a different times. For every workout which makes you feel like a rockstar, there’s another one which will leave you feeling absolutely crushed. When you fortunate enough to have one of the former, recognize that the latter could be right around the corner. It makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

No Coldplay. Or Nickelback. Sorry. House rules. Please direct all inquiries to Coach Tyler.

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