In a pushup WOD, there is nothing we like to see more than full range of motion chest-to-the-deck pushups. CHEST TO THE DECK means your chest comes in contact with the floor every time (but your legs don’t), whether you’re scaling on your knees, or not.  Six inches away doesn’t count, three inches doesn’t count, one inch doesn’t count, so if you did the prescribed weight on everything else, but did not get your chest to the deck every time, we cannot scribble a little RX to your time, as much as we want to, as hard as you worked on everything else.  So make it count! Even if it takes you a couple of minutes longer and you have to rest your arms to get your chest to the deck, make that sacrifice. It’s not just about who has the fastest time.  It’s about doing the movement correctly, with full range of motion, in adherence with Crossfit standards.

“Just Do It” might be good enough for Nike, but it’s not good enough for us.  We know you have it in you. Do it right, or don’t do it at all!

THIS is what we want to see when we say “chest to the deck.”  Reminder: you can STILL get your chest to the deck when you’re scaling to your knees or using a banded straight jacket!

Great form, Caitlin and Hans! You both win Best Pushups of the Day!



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