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At CrossFit TT, we do things a little differently. Rather than prescribing one Workout of the Day (or WOD) for everyone, we offer our clients three distinct WODs each day, each of which is tailored to a unique athlete profile or population. Currently, we program daily workouts for three different athlete profiles / populations, each of which is called a Program Track. Upon graduating On-Ramp, athletes select the Program Track that best aligns with their goals or current skill level. Athletes may elect to change their Program Track as their goals change, as their skills improve, or as their outstanding personal/professional/life commitments allow.

CrossFit TT’s Program Tracks.

Click here for Today’s PERFORMANCE WOD.

Performance. Designed to help athletes transcend their own personal performance threshold, PERFORMANCE W.O.D.’s enhance general fitness preparedness, with a slight-to-moderate emphasis on the sport of CrossFit. (Click here to learn more about PERFORMANCE Programming)




Click here for Today’s FUNCTION WOD.

Function. W.O.D.’s from the FUNCTION Program Track often tax the same energy system and/or incorporate the same general movements as W.O.D.’s from the PERFORMANCE Program Track, with one appreciable difference: heavy loads and high-skill work take a backseat to foundational strength, mobility, and skill development (Click here to learn more about FUNCTION Programming).


Click here for Today’s RTG WOD.

RTG. The RTG Program Track is for individuals with specific goals within the sport of CrossFit, or who desire to be competitive at local, regional, national, or international levels of competition.









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