The Backyard Games are right around the corner! DON’T PANIC!!! You’re all going to do GREAT. We’ve been getting quite a few questions regarding how folks should prepare; to aid you in your prep (and to calm your nerves), here are some tidbits you may find helpful over the next few days.

Programming and Workouts:

Generally speaking, you’ll want to ease off of the workouts during the week leading up to the competition. As we get closer to the event, we’ll start putting specific guidelines within each WOD for those athletes who’re competing this weekend. Competitors should start looking for these on Wednesday of this week. Of note: everyone who is planning on competing this weekend should plan on taking the Thursday prior to their event off. Additionally, all athletes should also plan to take Sunday, Monday AND Tuesday off following the event – no exceptions! You’ll be tired after this weekend’s shenanigans – while you might feel ok 24 hours after the event, your system will need at least a full 72 hours to recover after the event. Skeptical? Ask any coach or athlete who’s done a competition prior – you’ll be surprised at what they have to say.

Game-Day Preparation

The week leading up to your first Fitness Competition can be an anxiety-riddled stress-fest. It can also be an insightful time that allows for reflection, anticipation, excitement, and growth. To help ensure it’s the latter, we’ve assembled a series of blog-posts designed to keep you focused on the things that matter as you approach game-day.

  1. Great performances start with great nutrition. Here’s a post we wrote a while ago about fueling prior to and during your first event, along with a list of sundries you should plan to buy and bring with you to the event.
  2. Psychological Preparedness. Here, we discuss methodologies for dealing with anxiety prior to the day of the competition; here, we discuss strategies and tactics to employ if you find yourself deviating from your game plan.
  3. Hope is a bad strategy. It’s important that you have a game plan going into the event. Although Game-Day strategies will vary by individual, here’re some general guidelines that you might want to consider as you formulate your plan for each event.