Any day with OH squats, heavy cleans, front squats and thrusters, always seems to raise awareness of how limited the wrist can be.   Some even say their wrists hurt and feel fatigued.  These moves require a great deal of wrist flexibility and mobility.  The receiving position of full clean can be brutal on your wrists.
There are a few things that you can do to PREVENT significant wrist soreness and don’t be discouraged as there are many remedies to increase flexibility and limit pain.

1. Tape your wrists! By taping your wrists you can alleviate some of the pressure caused from the bar. Be careful not to tape too tight as it may cut off circulation.  (We are encouraging athletes to bring their own tape)

2. Buy wrist wraps. Lifting wraps serve the same function as tape but are more comfortable and provide an added level of support. They are also reusable.  There are many different companies that produce them, but we like these:



3. Make sure you are warm.  Ensure that the blood is flowing and you have completed a dynamic warm up before putting your wrists to work.

4. Take time to work wrist flexibility and range of motion.  Exercises can be done at your desk or at home watching tv.

Here is a video on increasing wrist flexibility.  Mobility wod has some great videos, tips and wods to keep everyone increasing range of motion and flexibility.

wrist flexibility-mobility wod