Yesterday, we held the inaugural CrossFit TT Athlete Draft for this year’s Main Event Series. To say it was hugely successful is an understatement. We – your coaches – left feeling energized and invigorated, eagerly awaiting their first opportunity to engage with their teams. It was so much fun that several of us commented that we should do more events like this throughout the year! If the draft is any indication as to how great this event is going to be for our community, rest assured we’ll do exactly that in the near future.

In this post, we”re releasing the team rosters. Look for additional posts RE: scoring, logistics shortly.

A few notes before we share the teams with you:

  1. Team Composition. Each team will be led by a pair of coaches. We’ve carefully selected the coaches in charge of each team to ensure that each team will have a minimum of one Coach on deck each week (nearly all the coaches have a conflict on at least one Saturday), and to ensure that the collective skills of all the coaches are evenly distributed across all of the teams.
  2. Team Names. They’re pending. IN fact, one of the first challenges you may face as a team might be to come up with a creative team name…so get your thinking caps on.
  3. Questions / Concerns. If you don’t see your name on the list, please contact us immediately at so that we can ensure that you’re assigned to a team.

What are you waiting for?!? Show us the TEAMS!!!!

Without any further delay, here are the teams for CrossFit TT’s 2016 Main Event:

TEAM #1: 
Captain: Casey
Co-Captain: Co-Bu (Colin B).
Annie Bednar
Bubba Bristow
Jerica Erica
Taylor Hayden
Niels Huisman
Pam Jackson
Jim Kababic
Jimmy Mac McEnaney
McKenna Neeb
Ed O’Hara
Rhean Uppal
Brad Wells
Captain: Matty Myers
Co-Captain: Morgan V. 
Charlotte Badger
Jack Bates
Laura Bonomini-Lang
Marcia Bristow
Andrew Gill
Christi Koenig
Callista Lang
Julie Macdonald
Caleb Olivera
Jason Pidgeon
Heather Trembley
Sarah Wilde
TEAM #3:
Captain: AJ
Co-Captain: Meghan Barnes
Matt Carter
Julie Conrad
Kelly Dousevicz
Jed Dousevicz
Alena Dubois
Sarah Glassman
Jackie Horton
Christine Kelly
Erica MacConnell
Natalie Redmond
Chris Trudel
 Elizabeth  Walker
TEAM #4: 
Captain: Heno
Co-Captain: Alice
Zach Delasin
Jonny Finity
Erin Graham
Meghan Kirby
Tyler Launhardt
Mo Mertaban
Katie Nacca
Sarah Olivera
Nick Perkov
Megan Pidgeon
Heather Scarlett-Perkov