Although the workouts have been exceptionally challenging thus far, we’re incredibly proud of how well you’ve all been performing…and by how high you’ve kept you spirits. Some of these workouts have caught us (that is to say the CrossFit community as a whole) a bit off-guard. Despite the fact that they haven’t spoken to our strengths, we’ve found ways to endure, to challenge ourselves, and to have tremendous breakthroughs. In this regard, we’re really doing a great job of using these workouts as they’re intended – as tools to help us do things that we otherwise would assume we’re not capable of. Case in point – CFTT community member Matt Lewis. After hurting his shoulder a few weeks ago, Matt didn’t immediately pull out of the Open. Rather, he simply changed the scope of his challenge. No longer concerned with his performance, Matt shifted his focus from the standings to finding safe, creative ways in which he could still participate. After his performance in 14.1, he earned a new nickname long the way. Ladies and Gentlemen – we present to you the One-Armed-Bandit:

On another note: after some great feedback from all of you, we’ve decided to change how we’ll be conducting testing for the balance of the 2014 CrossFit Open.

Moving forward, we will be doing the Open WOD on Friday during group classes. Athletes who wish to test again may do so on SUNDAY morning. This gives everyone two opportunities to test if they choose to, or to use Friday as a practice and figure out pacing.  We highly encourage as many people as possible to come in to test on Sunday to experience a setting designed to push you a bit further, with your friends and fellow community members cheering you on.

Monday we will be running regular group classes with our typical weekly programming.  If you were not able to make it in on either Friday or Sunday then we will try our best to accommodate your test on Monday. To ensure that we can accommodate such requests, we ask that individuals looking to test on Monday observe the following protocols:

1.) On Mondays:  Because we will be running regular programming, the coaches on duty will be focused on the classes. If the class runs short, or if there’s a lopsided instructor-to-client ratio, one of the on-duty coaches will gladly dedicate their attention to you, however their first responsibility on MONDAYS will be on the class.

2.) Notify us of your desire to perform a Monday test in advance. We have a large number of judges that are able to help if they know in advance that someone needs to test.  We are asking anyone who needs to test (not re-test) on Monday to contact us and  sign up to secure a judge for Monday.We have included a link to sign up for Monday if necessary.  We ask that you sign up prior to 12pm on Saturday so we can make sure we secure a judge for you. CrossFit Games Open WOD testing- Monday 

We’ve instituted these changes in order to give individuals more of an opportunity to re-test the WOD if necessary with a day of recovery in between, and to better manage our classes for everyone during this hectic part of the season – we hope it helps.

Again, keep up the good work – look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!