In case you’re unawares…the CrossFit Open begins this THURSDAY!!! To celebrate, we’ll be hosting a Pot-luck dinner each Thursday during the Open. Starting this Thursday, 2/27, the entire CFTT community is invited to attend an informal pot-luck after the 6PM class concludes. At the 8:00 hour, we’ll broadcast the release of that week’s workout of the CFTT Jumbotron, and begin offering impromptu strategies for how to approach the WOD.

We’ve received a LOT of questions about the Open, Registration, and timing. To keep things simple, we’ve tried to summarize as much information here as possible – check back regularly for updates.


Yes, yes, a THOUSAND TIMES YES. The Open presents a wonderful opportunity for everyone to experience what it feels like to have a community of your peers empower you to achieve something you never in a million years you’d be able to do. For this reason alone, we’d like to encourage everyone at CrossFit TT to register for the Open, regardless of your fitness goals.



CrossFit TT will be conducting CrossFit Open Workouts TWICE each week, according to the following schedule:

  • On SUNDAY: We will be running the CrossFit Open WOD. We will be running athletes in a series of heats; each athlete will have their own judge, and will be positioned so that their score / performance is recorded on video per CrossFit’s regulations. These heats will NOT be like a group class – athletes will be expected to warm-up and cool-down by themselves; heats will start promptly when advertised; upon completing their WOD, athletes will be expected to clear the floor, and to stick around, and cheer for other participants.
  • On MONDAY: We will feature our normal class schedule. Everything will run as a regular class normally would, with one exception: the workout itself will be the CrossFit Open workout that was released the previous Thursday.

Please make note: We’d like to encourage EVERYONE who plans to attempt the workout without any scale or modification to do their best to attend SUNDAY workouts, for a few reasons:

1.)  EXPERIENCE. We want everyone to experience what it’s like to complete a workout in a setting where the entire gym is cheering for you. It may sound corny, but environments like these are really, REALLY special – often, they help athletes achieve feats they never dreamed themselves to be capable of. We want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to experience such an atmosphere, regardless of where you are at in your fitness journey.

2.)  RESOURCES. Each Sunday, we’ll have the entire gym set-up and optimized for the Open WOD, and judging and collecting scores. We’ll have enough judges to go around; we’ll have enough video cameras to go around; we’ll have plenty of stations set up. Everyone who attends will be set-up for success, and we can guarantee that we’ll have enough help for everything to run smoothly. On Mondays, we may not have these same resources – we won’t have as many judges on-hand, and thus won’t be able to fit as many people in each heat as we’d like. Additionally, we will be sticking with our traditional class format for these classes – people who aren’t doing the Open still expect (and deserve) our traditional class environment. On Monday’s, our priority will be on preserving this class environment, not on optimizing the setting for those who wish to put forth huge numbers in the CrossFit Open.

3.)  TIMING. All athletes are responsible for submitting their own scores through the CrossFit Website. Athlete scores must be posted NO LATER THAN 8:00 PM EDT ON MONDAY EVENING IN ORDER FOR THEM TO COUNT TOWARDS OUR AFFILIATE TOTAL. If you plan to WOD at 6 PM on Monday, you’ll only have 1 hour to submit your score. Given that SO many people will likely be submitting their scores at that time, it may not be realistic to think that you’ll be able to get your score in on time.

To further encourage everyone participating in the Open to attend our Sunday classes, CrossFit TT has decided that for the duration of the Open, Sunday visits will not count as a visit for athletes holding a 3 x / Week Membership. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Sunday visits WILL REQUIRE YOU TO REGISTER THROUGH MINDBODY. Sign up for these as you would any traditional class.



The intense nature of the Open Workouts requires all athletes to take a little more rest than we’re accustomed to. For athletes who complete the Open WOD on Sunday, we’d recommend that you use Monday for such an opportunity. If you do the open on Sunday, we’d encourage you to refrain from doing the WOD again on Monday. Instead, we’d encourage you to come in to cheer your colleagues on, or to attend Ian’s complimentary Recovery Yoga Class that hell be holding each Monday during the Open at 7 PM. These classes will be free of charge to all 3x / Week and Unlimited Monthly Membership members.



Judging is a wonderful way to participate in the Open without feeling pressured to compete. It’s also a wonderful way to learn more about the sport of CrossFit, and to begin to develop/further refine a coaches’ eye for the movements we use so frequently. To become a judge, one simply needs to take the CrossFit Judges course (cost: $10) before Thursday at noon (2/27). The link to take the course is provided here ( If you’ve expressed interest in taking the judges course, we’d encourage you to do so. No commitment is necessary outside of you providing us with a schedule of time when you can lend assistance judging on Sunday and Mondays during the Open.


The following individuals have committed / expressed interest in judging; if you aren’t planning on taking the judges course, let us know, and we’ll remove you from subsequent communications about scheduling. If you’re interested, let us know, and we’ll add you.


  • Ian R.
  • Meghan B.
  • Nolan P.
  • Tyler B.
  • Casey B.
  • Andrew Mercier
  • Henry Mercier
  • Colin Butler
  • Alice M
  • Holly
  • Matt C.
  • Kay T.
  • Tom S.
  • Natalie R.
  • Chris VG.