Here it is – everything you’ve been wanting to know about the 2016 Main Event!!! It’s a lot, but there’s a lot to cover. Regardless of whether or not you’re competing, we invite you to take a look – it’ll help you better understand what’s going on in your community.


By now, all of you have seen the Team Assignments. If you haven’t they’re  available HERE. Please bookmark this link, as it will be the key repository for scoring throughout the duration of the Main Event Series.


Athletes can earn point for their team in one of 5 ways:

  • Attendance / Participation. Any athlete who is able to attend and complete a Saturday Main Event WOD will earn a point for their team. These scores will be tabulated and populated by the TEAM CAPTAINS / COACHES each week.
  • Individual Performance. Each Saturday, the top athletes in each of the following Divisions will earn points according to the schedule below. Athletes who won’t be able to attend on Saturday may still do the WOD remotely or on Friday, and have their score count, however those athletes will not be able to contribute Attendance/Participation points. If athletes are not able to perform the workout under the supervision of a certified judge, they must submit a video of their WOD to for review by an impartial 3rd party judge. These scores will be tabulated and populated by the ADMIN TEAM each week. Performance Scoring will be awarded as follows:
  1. Male / Female Masters (Age 50+ on 2/27):
    1. 1st place: 3 points;
    2. 2nd place: 2 points;
    3. 3rd place: 1 point.
  2. Male / Female Rx:
    1. 1st place: 5 points;
    2. 2nd place: 4 points;
    3. 3rd place: 3 points;
    4. 4th place: 2 points;
    5. 5th place: 1 point.
  3. Male / Female Scaled:
    1. 1st place: 5 points;
    2. 2nd place: 4 points;
    3. 3rd place: 3 points;
    4. 4th place: 2 points;
    5. 5th place: 1 point.
  4. Male / Female Teen (Age 20 or younger on 2/27):
    1. 1st place: 3 points;
    2. 2nd place: 2 points;
    3. 3rd place: 1 point.
  • Team Spirit. Each week, 4 additional points will be awarded to the team that displays the most team spirit during that Saturday’s Main Event. These scores will be awarded, tabulated and populated by the ADMIN TEAM each week.
  • Weekly Team Challenge. Each week, Teams will be assigned a Weekly Team Challenge. These challenges may or may not be performance based, however they will give everyone an opportunity to contribute to their team’s total. EXAMPLE: One week, the team challenge might be to accumulate as many meters on the rower as possible, as a team. How would it work? Throughout the duration of that weeks challenge, athletes could accumulate meters on the rowers prior to, or immediately after their WOD. Athletes would then log the total meters they rowed on a public score sheet. The team with the most meters at the end of the challenge period…wins the challenge. These scores will be tabulated and populated by the TEAM CAPTAINS / COACHES each week.
  • Weekly Lifestyle Challenge. Each week, CFTT will announce a different lifestyle challenge. One week’s challenge might be to get 10 hours of sleep each night, for 4 consecutive nights. Another might be to avoid alcohol for 4 days. Another might be to mobilize with a lacrosse ball for 20 minutes during each da of the challenge…you get the drift. Team members will be credited for participation in the challenge: scoring will be logged individually on the master scoring sheet (see below). These scores will be tabulated and populated by individual competitors each week.

Team T-Shirts.

To keep costs down for participants, we decided to forego with T-Shirts this year. That said, we still welcome teams to create their own Tees. Denise Farmer can turn orders around in a tight timeline – you message her through Facebook if you’re interested.

Weekly Release Party. 

As we’ve done in year’s past, we’ll celebrate the announcement of each of the Saturday Main Event / CrossFit Open WOD’s at the Gym. Each Thursday night for the next 5 Thursdays, everyone – regardless of whether they’re participating in the Open, the Main Event, or nothing at all – is invited to join us all at the Gym at 7:15 for some light snacks, beverages, and good company as we watch the release of the Open Workout from CrossFit HQ. The festivities will begin each week at 7:15, and will continue until roughly 8:30 PM.

The Workouts.

The Workouts for CFTT’s Main Event will be the same workout as that announced by CrossFit HQ on Thursday evenings for the CrossFit Open. Your Saturday Main Event score will count as your Open score; your Saturday Main Event Judge will hold you to the same standards as if you were doing the Open.

There is a possibility that we – CFTT – may modify CrossFit HQ Open WOD for the Main Event. We would only plan to do this in relatively extreme circumstances. These include:

  • If an Open workout is released that we feel isn’t appropriate for a majority of our athletes, we will modify it accordingly to suit the needs of our community and this competition.
  • Scaled modifications. If the scaled variant of the Open workout doesn’t resemble / reflect the same challenge as that of the Rx workout, we’ll adjust it accordingly (call it a “Hybrid-Scaled” workout). We want everyone to get a challenge regardless of division.

We recognize that Hybrid-Scaled workouts may present a problem to some individuals who plan to compete in both the Open and the Main Event. We anticipate that this won’t be an appreciable issue for you, and are are optimistic that we won’t have to modify any workouts this year. That said, if a situation does arise whereby we do introduce a Hybrid-Scaled workout, we do have several contingency plans in place, and will reveal them at the necessary time (the same evening a WOD is released). We’re not being coy, but there are literally hundreds of scenarios we’ve thought of / planned for. Reviewing them all now wouldn’t be productive – this is already WAY too long of a post as it is.

Friday Workouts.

Friday workouts at CFTT will feature the Open WOD released the evening prior. All athletes who attend Friday’s classes will be able to select from the following menu of choices:

  • The Open Workout / scaled variant of the Open Workout released by CrossFit HQ. We anticipate that the following athletes will do this workout:
    1. Individuals who haven’t signed up for the Open or the Main Event, who just want one helluva good workout to start their weekend;
    2. Individuals who’ve signed up for the Open, but not the Main Event, who want to submit their score.
  • An abbreviated variant of the Open Workout released the evening prior. This workout is designed to give Main Event athletes the opportunity to test their strategy for Saturday’s workout without leaving them 100% exhausted for the following day’s training session. We anticipate that the following athletes will partake in this WOD:
    1. Athletes competing in the Main Event;
    2. Athletes competing in the Main Event and the Open.

Saturday Workouts.

The Main Event WOD’s will take place after our regular Group Training WOD (please note the time change of the Group Training WOD during these 5 weeks). Saturday’s Main Event workouts  will be run similarly to how we’ve historically run Open WOD’s, but with a few key changes:

  • Athletes must register on Mindbody for a Heat. If you’re a 3x a week or 5 x / week member, don’t sweat it – your Main Event Heat won’t count towards your weekly total.
  • Warm-Ups / Cool Downs: CFTT will program MANDITORY Warm-Ups and Cool Downs. We ask that you arrive in advance of your heat to perform your Warm-Up Cool-Down, and that you’re READY TO GO at the start time of your heat.

OF NOTE: You do NOT HAVE TO COMPETE IN THE SAME HEAT AS YOUR TEAMMATES. We’re all busy – we understand if you can only make it at a specific time. Just be sure to coordinate with your Team’s Captain / Coach(es), so that they know what you can / can’t do each week.

The After-Party.

Save the Date for Saturday, March 26th!!! After the last Main Event WOD, we’ll have our Annual CrossFit TT Barbecue, during which we’ll conduct our Awards Ceremony, and celebrate both Team and Individual accomplishments from the season.