Back by popular demand, CFTT is excited to announce our second gym-wide challenge: double unders, everyone’s favorite party trick! Except for someone calling “TIME” to end a particularly brutal WOD, it’s hard to think of a better sound than a nice strung-together string of double unders!

The challenge starts on Monday, December 10th, and ends on Monday, December 24th (15 days, not 14), just in time for Christmas! It’s open to everyone, can be completed by everyone, and we highly encourage everyone to participate. Rules are as usual: for 15 days straight, complete a set number of double unders, each day. These can be done at anytime during the day and they can be completed in any rep count. (Be careful though … some jump ropes are not designed for use on concrete, so you’ll need to pick your DU spot carefully, if you’re doing these at home.)

How many double unders do you have to do? You be the judge of that. You know where you are, but pick a number that, frankly, scares you to death. For Tyler Barnes, who can double under for 5 minutes straight while carrying on an indepth conversation about politics without breaking a sweat, maybe the number 1000 scares him to death, so that is the number I’m picking for him for this challenge right off the bat: 1000 double unders. On the other hand, if you’ve only ever gotten 1 DU, and that odd additional DU seems to elude you, perhaps 25 scares you to death, so go with 25. It is completely up to you, what you want to do. All we ask is that you don’t sandbag it. Sandbagging it would be, for example, Tyler Barnes pledging to do 10 DUS per day. Why bother.

Double unders will not magically show up overnight. The only way to get good at double unders is to DO double unders, and this challenge is a great way to kick every DU-workout up to the next level. We will have a sign up sheet and daily log for you to fill out if you choose to participate.

Recommended increments: 25, 50, 100, 250, 500. Pick one of these. One of these should surely scare you to death; if not, feel free to improvise. DUs done in a WOD count towards the total.

Standards: only completed double unders count, not attempts.

If you don’t have your own jump rope, now is the time to get one! Your rope makes a big difference … that it’s sized properly, that it’s not all stretched out from use, that it’s the right thickness and weight and feel for you, AND that you’re used to it. Personally, put me on any other rope but my own, and my DUs fall to crap. Do not underestimate the power of your very own jump rope. We have a couple of ropes left for sale at the gym, or you can check out this link to some websites where you can buy your own:″ target=”_blank”>