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Each March, CrossFit Headquarters conducts the CrossFit Open – a 5 week long fitness competition that invites athletes of all ability levels to complete challenging workouts alongside some of the Sport’s best athletes. Although our community has always participated in the CrossFit Open, last year, we challenged ourselves to devise a way to make the event – something that historically fostered a sense of community, camaraderie, and achievement – into an event that engages our ENTIRE community, even if they don’t consider themselves an athlete, or have no interest in the Sport of CrossFit. After a lot of hard work with our tremendous coaching staff and our partners at Factory Forged, we made good on our promise with The Main Event – a 5 week long community event that engaged and encouraged our entire community – from Novices to seasoned CrossFitters alike – to step out of their comfort zones, and to try something different. The event was such a huge success – so much so that it inspired literally dozens of individuals to get outside of their comfort zones, and to achieve fitness milestones that they’d never considered possible prior – that it instantly became a part of Threshold Training lore; We immediately decided to make in an Annual Tradition within our community.  With an additional year of planning, and one year of experience under our belts, we’re confident that this Year’s event will be even better than the inaugural, with new challenges, scoring mechanisms that will give individuals even MORE opportunities to contribute to their team…and that will make the event even MORE accessible to New Members, even those who’ve just graduated from On-Ramp.

Enough jibber-jabber. Let’s get down to business.

Welcome to the 2017 Threshold Training Main Event Series.

Register-Now_EmacAbout the Event. The wonderful thing about the CrossFit Open is that it gives individuals the opportunity to test what their truly capable of, and to see how much progress they’ve made since starting their fitness journey. The Main Event Series takes things a step further. In the Main Event Series, an individual’s score for a particular Open workout becomes much more than a number on a Global leaderboard. Rather, it becomes a contribution to the achievements of a team that’s comprised of your fellow community members. Because the event is structured in such a fashion as to enable everyone to make significant contributions to the team’s effort, individuals make valuable contributions to their team even when that week’s workout doesn’t speak to their strengths.

What it is. The 2017 CrossFit TT MainEvent Series is a 5 week long competition that provides everyone – from the recent On-Ramp Graduate, to the seasoned CrossFit competitor – with the opportunity to participate in a fun, meaningful fitness challenge. The Main Event series is similar to the CrossFit Open, in that participants will still perform CrossFit Open Workouts 17.1 – 17.5 at CrossFit TT, in a special environment with their friends, peers and coaches. Should participants elect to do so, they will still log their scores on-line just as they’ve done in year’s past. Unlike years past, an individuals score for a particular workout will mean more than their individual score on the Global CrossFit Open leaderboard – a LOT more. Because individuals participating in the Main Event will also be part of a team, their score stands to help improve their team’s standings against other similarly assembled teams within the CrossFit TT ranks. Individuals will also have the opportunity to contribute to their team’s score in additional ways beyond posting a high score for their respective division. Throughout the 5 week long competition, Teams can earn points through participation in the workouts, participating in each week’s lifestyle challenge, or even through showcasing their team spirit during each Saturday’s workout.

How it Works. Upon registering, athletes will be assigned a team. Each team will be assigned a coach; each team will nominate it’s own Captain. Upon registering, athletes must select their applicable division (see the list of Divisions below). Each Thursday, Threshold Training will release a Workout. Each week’s workout will prescribe specific scales and modifications for each division. Participants in the Main Event Series will perform the prescribed workout for their division either during the Friday Class of their choice, or with their Teammates on Saturday morning. Each Saturday night, individual scores will be tallied by category; Individuals will earn “Points” for their team based on their standing within their division. In addition to their performance on in the workout, individuals will also be able to contribute to their teams score in a multitude of other ways. Athletes can earn participation points by performing the workout with their team each Saturday, by achieving a PR in a particular workout (NEW for 2017), or even by showcasing team spirit. At the end of the 5 Weeks, the Team with the most points is Crowned the Main Event Series Champion at an UBER prestigious awards ceremony, presented by our good Friends at Citizen Cider.

Participants do not need to register for the Open in order to participate in Saturday Main Event unless they desire to log their scores on the Global CrossFit Open Leaderboard. CROSSFIT OPEN COMPETITORS TAKE NOTE: Registration for Saturday Main Event DOES NOT include registration to the CrossFit Open. Threshold Training recommends that all athletes who plan to participate in the Rx division also register for the CrossFit Open.

Divisions. Athletes will be ranked according to the following divisions:

Note: Rx competitors will perform the CrossFit Open workout revealed the Thursday prior to each Main Event Session. Scaled competitors will perform a scaled variant of the CrossFit Open workout revealed the Thursday prior to each Main Event Session.

·      Open Male / Female. Participants in this division will perform the CrossFit Open Workout* announced by CrossFit HQ each week. Threshold Training recommends that individuals who wish to participate in the 2017 CrossFit Open participate in this division. NEW FOR 2017:

·      Scaled Male / Female. This Division will perform a scaled variant of the CrossFit Open workout revealed the Thursday prior to each Main Event Session.

·      NEW Beginner  Male / Female**. This Division will perform a further scaled variant of the CrossFit Open workout prescribed to the Scaled Male / Female Division.

Unlike last year’s Main Event, Masters, Teens, and Veterans will be scored within their respective divisions (Open, Scaled, and Beginner), however the workout they perform will be ‘handicapped’ slightly as to ensure that they remain competitive within their respective division.

*Like last year, Threshold Training reserves the right to amend the workout prescribed by CrossFit HQ if it’s an irresponsibly programmed workout.

**Beginner Athletes are classified as those who’ve joined the TT Community since 11/1/16.

Workouts. Each Saturday, athletes from all teams will face off against each other in the Main Event. CFTT will run heats of the CrossFit Open workout, both Scaled and Rx. Teams will be assigned points based on Place within their division, Attendance, and whether they hit a PR (if applicable).

Scoring. Scoring will be assigned as follows:

·      Top 7 Athletes / Division: 7 – 1 Points;

·      Attendance: Each athlete in attendance earns 1 point;

·      PR: Each PR performed by an athlete earns 2 points;

·      Lifestyle: 1 points / Team Member.

Lifestyle Challenge. Each week, all athletes will be assigned a lifestyle challenge. One week, you might be challenged to spend 10 minutes each day on mobilization; another, you might be challenged to get 10 hours of sleep each night. Any athletes who complete the challenge for the week will receive 1 point.

Team Spirit Awards and Miscellaneous Challenges. Each week,  Threshold Training will announce a special challenge. These week’s challenges may be physical in nature (accumulate seconds in a handstand hold for your entire team), or ridiculous and fun (think scavenger hunt). Unlike last year, there will only be ONE challenge each week. The team who wins each week’s challenge will be awarded 7 points, the second place team 3 points, and the third place team 1 point.

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