Below you’ll find some answer to Frequently Asked Questions about the Main Event Series. We’ll be updating this post with additional questions and responses as they’re received; be sure to check this page regularly for updates.

What the Heck is the CrossFit Open? The Main Event?

Great Questions! Let’s break it down into two parts:

The CrossFit Open: Effectively, the CrossFit Open is a fitness challenge that’s presented by CrossFit Headquarters to all CrossFit affiliates and participants across the Globe. The event occurs over the course of 5 weeks; Each Thursday during these 5 weeks, CrossFit HQ releases a workout. Participants have until Monday evening to perform the workout, and to record their score on-line on the leaderboard. Athletes typically perform these workouts at their affiliate; in order to be an official score, workouts must be performed under the supervision of a registered Open judge. Historically, the Open has been a great vehicle to bring fitness communities like ours together, and to inspire individuals to challenge themselves in ways they never thought possible. As the Sport of CrossFit has evolved, so have the Goals of the Open. Because the Open also serves as the first step in the qualification process for the CrossFit Games – an Elite Fitness competition, it’s become more and more difficult to use the Open as a vehicle to help forge unity and recognize accomplishment (see our blog post on the subject HERE). In response to these challenges, Threshold Training worked with Factory Forged™ to create an event series that captured the excitement and energy of the CrossFit Open in an accessible fashion – one that allowed seasoned veterans and novice / new athletes alike to share the excitement that comes along with completing a rigorous physical challenge.

The Main Event: Like the Open, The Main Event releases a workout to individual athletes each week for 5 weeks. Unlike the Open, aren’t just competing for themselves…but rather for a team that their assigned to at the beginning of the event. Additionally, participants can enter one of several divisions, each of which prescribes workouts that’ve been carefully programmed to account for factors like an athlete’s ability level, training-age, enabling athletes to compete on a more level playing-field with more seasoned competitors. Finally, participants can earn points for their team in a variety of ways other than performing well in their workout. In addition to receiving a score for their performance, athletes can also contribute by participating in a Team Challenge, by trying a lifestyle challenge (getting a set number of hours of sleep each night, for example)…or even by coming and cheering for their teammates. At the end of the 5 weeks, the point totals for each team are tallied, and one team receives the Prestigious Main Event Cup!

I’m really interested in participating in the Main Event…but I just can’t commit to every workout. Can I still register?  

YES, YES, YES…1,000 TIMES YES!!! One of the GREAT things about our community is that we’re FULL of people who are here for entirely different reasons. Some of us just want to get a good sweat on, while others are training for something specific, while others still are just trying to add some structure to a workout regimen that’s too often hijacked by kids, work, laundry, and life. Threshold Training’s mission is to make elite fitness accessible to YOU; the Main Event is no exception. If you can’t make it to all of the workouts, it’s NOT A PROBLEM – all we ask is that you let us know in advance of which days you won’t be there, so that we can assign you to a team accordingly.

I just graduated On-Ramp last week…Are you SURE I’m ready for this?!?

Absolutely. Movement patterns and scales for the Beginner and Scaled categories account for differences in athletic ability, mobility, strength, and athletic age. We’re committed to ensuring that the challenges we’ll be presenting will be appropriate for everyone who participates.

In all candor, this isn’t the reason why the Main Event is REALLY or everyone. The Main Event is MORE than the sum of the challenges presented by each workout. It’s ABOUT HAVING FUN, AND CELEBRATING YOUR ATHLETICISM (or perhaps current lack thereof) WITH YOUR FRIENDS. That’s why we’ve also CAREFULLY structured to Main Event not only to ensure that anyone and everyone who want to can participate…but also to ensure that all participants make significant contributions to their team. How? By allowing individuals to register in different divisions…and by allowing each division to make an equal contribution to their teams effort. Because Teams that have a balanced mix of Veterans, Scaled athletes, beginners, Masters-age athletes, and teenagers will are best equipped to score points, every athlete on every team can shine at any given time.

We understand your apprehension. The Bottom Line is this: If you’re REALLY opposed to the idea of signing up…that’s ok. This shouldn’t be something you feel pressured to do. That said, if you’re on the fence, or even mildly curious…we’d really encourage you to do so. In our experience, those who were in the same position last year were THRILLED that they did…while those that didn’t were pretty bummed that they missed out.

I’m not interested in participating in the Main Event. Can I still come to the Gym on Friday? Saturday?  

OF COURSE!!! Much as we’ve designed the Event to be accessible to everyone (and we mean EVERYONE), we certainly understand that some folks might just not feel as though they’re ready to push themselves outside of their comfort zone quite yet. Rest assured that you won’t experience ANY interruptions to your training during the Main Event series save for the following:

  1. Friday Workouts tend to have a LOT more energy than normal;
  2. Saturday Group Workouts will move to 8:00 AM only.

I’m not interested in participating in the Main Event. Can I still do the Open at Threshold Training?

Yes, you can. We will be running the Open workout each Friday during the open; you may participate in the WOD that day to submit your score.

Do I have to be a CrossFit TT member to participate in SME?

No you do not have to be a Threshold Training member to participate in the event. Current members will receive a discounted rate, however non-members are still welcome to participate.

Will I need to register for the CrossFit Open in order to participate in CrossFit TT’s Main Event?

You do not need to register for the CrossFit Open in order to participate in the Main Event. That said, it is important that participants recognize and understand that registration in CrossFit TT’s Main Event WILL NOT include registration in the CrossFit Open. If you’d like to see how your Open score compares with those with other athletes Worldwide, you MUST register for the CrossFit Open in addition to our Main Event. We’re recommending that anyone who plans to participate in the Main Event as an Open competitor also register for the Open.

Can I come into the Gym to do the Open Workout on my own / at another time / during Open gym / in lieu of Monday’s WOD?

We really struggled with this one. Much as we’d like to allow folks as much flexibility to do the Open workouts as best fits their schedule, doing so wreaks havoc on the Gym, our coaches, and on other community members who aren’t participating in the Open. For these reasons, we won’t be allowing individuals to test at time outside of the following times:

  • Friday: During normally scheduled classes;
  • Saturday: During the Main Event;
  • Sunday: During Open Gym.