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A World-Class Competition for Everyday Athletes.

The CrossFit Games Might be out of your reach…but attending a World Class Throwdown doesn’t need to be. A 2-person Partner Competition, the Threshold Throwdown will provides Strong, Fit Fast individuals who – although competitive, aren’t anticipating an invitation to regionals – the perfect opportunity to scratch that competitive itch. Additionally, the Threshold Throwdown’s “not-quite first-time” Division gives competitors who may have one CrossFit-style competition under their belt, but who aren’t ready to jump into an unscaled competition the opportunity to experience a World Class competition.

World Class Comps Shouldn’t Only be Reserved for World Class Athletes.

Why should the pros have all the fun?!? Featuring premium, consistent judging from well trained judges, an exceptional prize purse, and a brand-new, state-of-the-art training facility, the Threshold Throwdown Gives everyone who trains hard the opportunity to test their mettle.

Competition Format.

  • Same-gender, 2 person teams compete in one of two divisions – Open (or un-scaled), and the more accessible “not-quite-first-time” division;
  • Event is open to 10 teams / Division, per gender;
  • Each Team will perform three workouts over the course of the day, plus a mystery workout announced on the day of the event;
  • Teams accumulate points based on their performance in each workout;
  • The top 4 Teams in each division will participate in a Finals workout, worth DOUBLE the points of the previous workouts.
  • Prizes will be awarded for top finishers.


WODs will be released here prior to the event according to the following schedule:

WOD #1:  Wednesday, 11/15 @ approx. 12:00 PM. 

WOD #2: Wednesday, 11/22 @ approx. 12:00 PM.

WOD #3: Monday, 11/29 @ approx. 12:00 PM.


The below charts represent the approximate skills and abilities that are expected of Open Competitors. Effectively, each chart is representative of an athlete profile, or avatar.

  • Shades of Green indicate that the athlete can perform the movement in question at the indicated load and rep-scheme without too much difficulty.
  • Shades of Yellow indicate that the athlete can perform the movement in question at the indicated load and rep-scheme with some difficulty.
  • Shades of Red…well…you get the drift.

To see whether you’re a good fit for the Open division, check your athletic abilities against the athlete profiles provided. If you match up pretty well, then you could expect to be competitive within the Open division. If you have a few liabilities relative to the profile (1-2 / movement), we would still advise you pursue the Open category vs. the “Not-Quite-First-Time” division. If you don’t match any of the athlete profiles, we would advise you participate in the “Not-Quite-First-Time” division (UPDATE: “not-Quite-First-Time” Standards have been published as of 9/27 – see below). Please note that these skills and weights are listed for illustrative purposes only. Not all of these skills and weights will necessarily be tested in the Open division. Questions can be directed to info@crossfittt.com.


Registration is NOW LIVE (Click Here to Register) for the 2018 Threshold Throwdown. Registration fees are as follows:

  • BEFORE 10/13: $140 / Team.
  • AFTER 10/13: $160 / Team.

All registration fees include a T-Shirt.

Standards – Open Division:







Standards – Rec / Open Division:






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