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Threshold Training Remote Programming.

Today’s circumstances are often uncertain. Things change. Then, they change again. It can be frustrating, difficult, and scary. We want to be one of the elements in your life that remains unchanged. So many of you have committed hundreds of hours to your health, wellness and fitness.  Don’t lose track. It is important to stay focused on your goals.

We know coming to the gym means a potential exposure of you, your loved ones, and our community. We understand. However, we don’t want you to feel apart from us. We are on this journey with you, whether in person at the gym or remotely at home. We want to continue providing you with a unique experience that personalizes your fitness goals, accommodates to your schedule, accounts for your equipment access, and holds you accountable.
Threshold Training Remote Programming is the key to success.
This service provides you with an initial consultation, personalized programming, daily workout reporting & weekly check-ins.  We are helping create the opportunity to maintain a sense of normalcy and fun in your fitness program while optimizing what you have for equipment and available time. This program holds you accountable and will prove to get the most out of your fitness experience through TT coaching and programming, all within your home.

Threshold Training Remote Programming FAQs:

1. What if I don’t have a barbell?
No problem! You don’t need one. Part of the program design is to accommodate for your current equipment access. While there are no equipment requirements, we need to understand the reality and sensibility of the goals we will create. For example, it would be difficult to increase our clean by 30 lbs if we did not have access to a barbell.
2. How many days will I train per week?
In essence, that is something discussed between the coach and the client. Numerous factors can play a role in the frequency of training per week such as free time available to you outside of work, child care, or other daily activities. We want to be as committed to this process as much as you’re committed to this process.
3. How will I receive my workouts?
Included within your training experience is an app that allows us to send you your workouts to view ahead of time along with prescriptions and instructions on how to complete the workout for the day as well as the desired response. Videos can also be uploaded to assist with this. This app also allows us to communicate directly with you and vice versa. We can see your completed workouts daily. This allows you to be accountable to your program in addition to tracking results. If you do not have a smart phone or phone that allows apps, your coach will form an editable spreadsheet or google calendar allowing you to view your workout and its instructions. There will also be a space for you to input results in order to track your progress.
4. How long is the program?
TT Remote Programming is a 6 month commitment. Clients pay monthly or upfront.  The Coach creates the program and sends it weekly or bi-weekly.
5. What is the cost of TT Remote Programming?
The monthly price is $179.99 for 6 months. This includes an initial consult (zoom or in-person), personalized programming, daily workout reporting and recording and weekly check-ins.
For an additional savings – 6 months remote programing upfront is $969.99.
Email us for more info and to set up a free consult: info@crossfitTT.com
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