We have several athletes headed down to CF RVC for the Festivus Comp.  For some this might be your very first comp and for others it might be the first time you have competed as an individual.  I just wanted to write out a few things to remember for Saturday.

Have fun.  So often we let the nerves and anxiety get the best of us. Stay relaxed and focused. You have all been training hard and can do all the movements in the WODS.  We all know how to push ourselves and its time to prove to yourself that you can do the work.

*Get lots of sleep in the next 48hours.  Stay hydrated and keep moving.  Tomorrow should be used as active recovery. A long walk, time on the rower or a jog with some mobility to follow.

*Bring lots of food, snacks and water.  CF RVC is located very close to a COOP but we don;t know how much time you will have between and its always better to play it safe with food you know digest well for you individually.

You are going to want to ensure that you have plenty of protein, carbohydrates fats for the day.  Jerky, sweet potato, chicken, hard boiled eggs, bananas and nuts are all great and easy options.  Some electrolyte replacement will also come in handy, especially if we are outside and its hot!!

*A chair and blanket/towel – we will have the tent set up but you might want to bring a folding chair to lounge in a towel to use if stretching on the ground.

Please let us know if you have a strategy you want us to help employ for a WOD or concerns about anything specific.

It is going to be a great day; lots of hard work and fun!