Suggestions and tips for success during the CrossFit Main Event and Open Series.  You have committed- now let’s make the most of it.

1.)STOP the negative-self talk.

As soon as we hear the workouts we will all have an instant reaction.  Some will be excited because the workout has movements they can do, some will feel anxiety and frustration because their weakest movement has been selected. If your weaker movements come up then make an effort to stop the negative self-talk.

If you say and think, “I have no chance … why did I even sign up … this is going to be rubbish” then you will fall into the self-fulfilling prophecy trap. In this case, if you act as though it is going to be a bad workout (negative body language and self-talk) then you are definitely going to have a bad workout!  Instead, use positive self-talk to maintain our confidence levels. You can say positive messages to yourselves, such as “Bring it on!”, “I am going to give this workout everything!” and “I have faced challenges before and made it through so I will complete this challenge!”. Having a positive mindset will help you to persevere with the workout and in these competitive workouts, every extra rep counts.

2.) During the workout: “Manage your rest in a more efficient manner.” 

The Open workouts tend to be quite fast paced and in this situation every extra rep counts.  One of the ways we can boost our score is through managing our rest in a more efficient manner. The typical Crossfit rest pose is bent over, hands on knees, gasping for air and we are usually facing or stood away from the bar/rig. This resting position is not efficient because it is harder for us to breathe properly compared to stood upright but also this displays negative body language.

When we are scared, nervous or frightened we drop our head, round our shoulders and make ourselves small in order to try and survive. When we adopt this position during a workout we are subconsciously telling our mind that we are struggling, that we need to slow down or stop what we are doing. However, we can use another rest position that will help us to breathe more effectively and build our confidence.  When resting during a workout, adopt a hands-on-hips, chest out and head up position (exactly like Superman). This is a Power Pose and studies show adopting this pose can slow stress hormones being released into our bloodstream, which usually cause us to feel anxious.  So when resting, adopt this Power Pose in order to maintain confidence and this will help us to squeeze out every rep we can from the workout.

3.)After the workout: “Identify 3 things that went well.”

So that’s it, the workout is over, you have peeled yourselves from the ground and entered your score. Chances are that over the five workouts we are all going to have an event that doesn’t go as well as we’d hoped or with which we struggled more than we anticipated. At this point we could let all the negatives from the workout flood our minds and destroy our confidence before the next WOD announcement. This will likely result in another poor performance and further anxiety.

Instead, take a couple of minutes and then look back at the workout and identify three things that went well. These could be things such as setting a PR, getting a higher score than you anticipated or the fact that you kept going when you really felt like giving up. Looking back and finding positives, no matter how small is reflective practice, which helps us to maintain a positive and healthy perspective. This will allow us to put the workout behind us and look forward to the next week’s challenge.

Now here are more tips- just as important on how to stay healthy and optimize your efforts in the 5 weeks of workouts.
1.) Drink extra water.  Staying hydrated will help with both recovery and performance. Regulate, don’t flush- try to keep water in your general daily routine.  Start and end with a glass of water everyday and drink more throughout.

2.)Eat healthy food. Don’t skip meals or replace too many meals with protein shakes.  Your body needs fuel, treat it like any other machine, it’ll run better for longer periods of time if it’s been fueled efficiently with quality sources.  It’s important to plan your meals ahead of time and always bring a snack along with you.  It’s not time to try some new food or supplement. Eat and drink what has been working for you.

3.) Sleep.  It’s that simple. Get plenty of sleep.  It’s not always what you get the night before, but the accumulation of the nights leading up to the event.

4.) Recovery. Schedule time to go to a yoga class, stay after a WOD to commit to longer mobility session, get outside and go for a long walk, or book a massage- Elemental Massage is located right inside our building!! check it out. It is not a time to start a running program or a new sport.

5.) Celebrate your achievements. And always remain humble.  
Be proud of your accomplishments and learn what others are capable as well.  Amazing things happen during the open.  You all have the support of your community around you. Push yourself to try something that might seem out of reach. Try to get that first t2b or first power clean over 100lbs.  Great moments come to most all competitors during the open; share yours and support friends.  Always remember, one person’s success is not often the same as another’s version of success. Your version of a ‘bad’ lift or workout might just be someone else’s personal goal.

The Main Event/ Open Series is 5 weeks. 5 very hard weeks.  The series is designed to test and even eliminate the majority of the CrossFit population.  However, it also comes with a very important aspect- empowerment.  You will amaze yourself at what you are capable of doing when you give it your all.  Stay committed. Stay positive. Stay focused. Your body will do great things.