7/22/20 TT WOD – “Sore Feet”

A. General Warm up:
Complete 2x thru –
– 5 no-push-up burpees
– 10 squat to stand
– 10 total skater jumps
– 10 total plank KB/DB passes (in a plank position, drag a weight from one side to another. DB drag steps also work)
– 30 backwards single unders 🤪

Workout overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k4FEcJSFXI

B. 4×3 OHS or Front squat @ last week’s heaviest
set of 3. From the rack.
:90 sec-2 min rest btw sets. (16-18 min CAP)

aTT home:
4×8 1 and 1/4 cyclist squats. Same weight across all sets.
:90 sec rest

C. Station rotation 4x through
of :40 sec ON/:20 sec OFF (16 min):
1. Single unders
2. Dual DB/KB alt. gorilla rows @ 16/12kg; 12/8kg OR 35/25lbs; 25/15lbs. Raise DBs off the floor as needed to get both hexes to touch the floor)
3. Burpee to plate
4. 1-arm DB/KB box step-overs (Use 1 of the DB/KB you use for the rows. Feeling spicy? Use both of them!)