Announcing our 2018 Threshold Training Main Event Teams.  You will receive communication from your head coaches by the end of Monday.  Most teams choose to converse on FB messenger.  Your first team challenge will be to choose a team name- due by Thursday night. Good Luck everyone- and remember this 5 week series is for FUN!  Yes you will work hard but do not over think it or get worked up about anything.  In the end- they are just some workouts.

Jeff Betzler Lauren Bailey
Carleigh Abromovitz
Bubba Bristow
Matt Bunting Jarret Dubois Todd Bailey Marcia Bristow
Mindy Clark Dave Gurtman Brian Clark Kelly Dousevicz
Alena Dubois Jackie Horton Jessica Fay Denise Farmer
Sienna Fontaine Pam Jackson Jake Leoffler Jill Gagne
Lindsay Gagnon Jim Kababik Kate McConnell Kristi Hertzer
Mike Hickney Christi Koenig Kris Nelson Andrea Johnson
Shawna Lidinsky Julie Lamereaux Sarah Oliveria Mike LeStrange
Ethan Merrill Audrie Poole Sarah Stephens Stacy Myers
John Schaefer
Natalie Redmond
Erica Terricciano Jason Pidgeon
Rachel Stadfeld Megan Stoeckel
Heather Trembley
Rob Strasenburgh
Caylee Whitaker Chris Trudel Brad Wells Becky Turner
 Dylan Zwicky Eric Tucker James Wildish