TT Spartan Race Prep Program

CrossFit TT’s Spartan Race Prep Program provides aspiring Spartan Racers with a comprehensive, step-by-step Obstacle Race-specific training plan, and a community of other racers to train with, all without the need for a gym membership (at CrossFit TT or another gym), to complete CrossFit TT’s On-Ramp Program, and for less than $5 a class! 

How it Works.

The program runs from May 10th – September 21st, 2014. All program participants receive a comprehensive Obstacle Racing-specific training plan designed to deliver a “peak” performance on the weekend of September, 21, 2014 – the date of the Spartan Race(s) in Killington, Vermont. In addition to the plan, participants also receive unlimited training at CrossFit Threshold Training’s Spartan Prep group-training sessions leading up to the event. Finally, registrants have the opportunity to attend three different lectures at CrossFit Threshold Training during the summer months on topics ranging from running technique, to race nutrition, to balancing strength training with endurance preparation.

What it Includes.

  1. A 20 week Training Plan designed specifically for the 2014 Spartan Race in Killington, Vermont. Program participants can choose between one of two different plans – one that’s optimized for the Spartan Sprint distance, or one that’s optimized for the Spartan Beast distance. Plan highlights include:
    • A daily breakdown of the goals for each day’s training. Each day’s training includes a mix of running, calisthenics, plyometrics, strength, weight training and core-stability work, and mobility and stretching movements and exercises.
    • Specific, step-by-step guidance on how to perform each day’s workouts, and direction on how to scale the workouts according to your training age and fitness level.
    • Specific guidelines for running intensity (measured by pace, heart-rate) and distance;
  2. Unlimited access to all Spartan Prep Group Training Classes offered by CrossFit Threshold Training from May 10 – September 21, 2014;
  3. Access to each of CrossFit Threshold Training’s three (3) 2014 Spartan Race Prep Sessions / Socials.

Why it’s Unique.

Four things differentiate our program from other like-minded courses:

  1. The Programming. Unlike hybrid training plans that simply overlay a strength program on top of a running race prep template, our program is designed exclusively for the unique demands of Obstacle Course Racing. In order to ensure that participants are both psychologically and physiologically prepared for the event, our workouts are designed to mirror the specific stresses athletes will encounter during the race. In addition, the phased “periods” of training used in the program both expedite progression, and reduce the chance of injury and/or overtraining.
  2. The Coaching. Our coaching staff features coaches with credentials in running technique, program design, and strength training.
  3. The Community. Because athletes have the option of regularly participating in Group Training Classes, they’ll never lack a workout partner, or fail to get the most out of a hard workout. Our group-training format gives athletes the option to regularly test themselves against other athletes or to push one another in a healthy, supportive training environment, and to forge lifelong friendships with like-minded adventure-seekers.
  4. The Education. With regular seminars on topics ranging from race fueling strategies and nutrition, to shoe, pack, and gear selection, to theories on running technique, to the role of strength training in a running program, program participants have the opportunity to learn about a number of topics that’ll translate to any number of athletic activities.

Costs / How to Register.


I’ve never attempted anything like this before. Is this the right program for me? Absolutely. Effectively, our program takes the guesswork out of your race prep, regardless of your fitness level, needs, goals, and background as an athlete.

Do I need a gym membership in order to be able to follow the training plan? No! The beauty of CrossFit TT’s Training Program is that very few of the prescribed workouts require the use of equipment that can only be found at a gym; even then, movements that require such equipment will be performed during CrossFit TT’s Spartan Prep Group Workouts.

Does this program include an unlimited membership to CrossFit Threshold Training? No. Enrollment in the Spartan Prep Course includes unlimited access to all of CrossFit Threshold Training’s Spartan Prep Classes; It DOES NOT include access to CrossFit Threshold Training’s CrossFit Group Training classes.

What if I just want to attend the Spartan Prep classes, but I don’t want to purchase the training program? Not interested in the group-training component? Not a problem. Plans are designed so that athletes can replicate most (if not all) of the elements of the group training on their own. Athletes can purchase individual components of the Program – including drop-in rates to individual Spartan Race Prep Group Training Classes – by clicking here (coming soon).