TT Varsity Fall Performance Training Program: October 8 – November 14 (6 wks).

The TT Varsity Fall Performance Training Program is designed to deliver High-School age athletes to their Fall Training Camp in the best shape of their lives, with tissue and joint functionality that will dramatically reduce the likelihood of a season interrupting injury, and to help participants  become better athletes, teammates, and students by providing them with practical lessons in nutrition, organization, and goal-setting. This Fall’s Program is designed specifically to address the needs of Boys and Girls Ice Hockey: although athletes will train together and perform team-building exercises with one-another, they’ll be performing exercises specific to both their physical needs and the demands of their position during each session. Designed to be more than strictly a training camp, TT’s Varsity Fall Performance Training Program employs the same training principles used by olympic, professional, and elite amateur athletes at the peak of their craft to help student athletes:

  • Prepare for their upcoming season,
  • Protect themselves from both the hazards of their sport(s) and the dangers of overtraining/over-use,
  • Empower themselves by providing them with the resources they need to:
    • Realize their athletic potential;
    • Sustain their conditioning from day-to-day, season-to-season;
    • Make life-decisions that are consistent with the needs of competitive athletics.

How it Works. 

The Program. For 6 weeks, each athlete will follow a training program specific to their sport and/or position. The program begins with a series of multi-dimensional tests and measurements that will benchmark each student athlete’s competency with the performance attributes they’ll need to both excel and remain injury free in their Fall sport. The specific tests conducted will vary by sport; Common factors tested include:

  • Speed / Neuromuscular Response;
  • Agility;
  • Muscular Endurance;
  • Absolute Strength;
  • Power;
  • Mobility / Flexibility.

Upon establishing a baseline for the tested systems, athletes will convene 4 days a week at CrossFit Threshold Training’s Facility adjacent to South Burlington High School. Each day, all athletes will participate in a group workout with other athletes following their specific training program, under the supervision, guidance, and tutelage of a professional, credentialed strength and conditioning coach. All athletes will train together under the same roof, however the workouts themselves will not be a ‘one-size-fits-all” solution; Athletes will be grouped according to the sport / activity they’re preparing for, and the specific training needs identified by the baseline tests. Each group will follow a training program track that addresses these specific training needs, along with the physical demands of the athlete’s sport and or position. Following each day’s workout, athletes will be given some time to work with coaches on the supplemental movements / and or exercises identified by the assessment as necessary in order to bridge any gap between the athlete’s baseline and the desired benchmark. Sessions will conclude with team-building exercises, additional mobility and flexibility work, and every other Wednesday, a discussion / lecture on a subject relevant to their prowess as an athlete. Specific subjects may include:

  • Mental Preparation for Athletics / The Science of Flow;
  • Nutrition – Fueling for Performance;
  • Sleep – It’s Importance to the Teenage Athlete;
  • Organization and Discipline – How to Avoid Sacrificing What you Want MOST, for What you Want Right NOW.

Why it’s Different.

4 things separate TT’s Varsity Training Program from it’s peer set:

  1. Our Approach. At Threshold Training, our goal is to teach student athletes how to be effective in their approach to athletics and sport. Accordingly, our program doesn’t focus exclusively on training the athlete. In addition to delivering on our promise of elite, sport-specific performance, our program also teaches athletes how to train, and – most important – what it means to be an athlete. The structure of our entire program – from the content of our lectures, to the structure of our workouts and team building exercises – reflect our approach and mission.
  2. Rigorous Measurement. By regularly measuring and benchmarking each  student athletes competencies with the performance attributes they’ll need to excel in their primary sport, our program systematically eliminates weaknesses, and addresses potential problems before they manifest themselves as injuries.
  3. Strength Training for Speed, Strength, and Power. When done correctly, Strength Training is arguably one of the best tools athletes have to not only improve performance, but also to reduce the likelihood of injury. Many programs shy away from regular strength training because it’s difficult to teach in a group training format. Rather than compromising the integrity of our program in order to suit a specific class format, we’ve elected to modify our class format to one that best suits the needs of the athlete. We take steps with the design of our program to allow us to safely and effectively administer a strength program within our format. Specific steps we take include:
    • Separating groups by specific performance needs;
    • Maintaining a strict 6:1 athlete to coach ratio;
    • Dedicating time during the first week to familiarizing athletes with the principles of safe, effective barbell and dumbbell work;
    • The regular use of multimedia devices (video, tracking software) to further illustrate key concepts to all athletes.
  4. Conditioning Focused. Whether because their season is too short, or because they can’t secure enough field / gym time, most High-School Programs aren’t able to dedicate significant amounts of practice time to General Physical Preparation. Similarly, most sport-specific camps are designed to help athletes develop and refine their skills within their specific sport. Our program deliberately leaves these considerations to the athlete’s sport-specific coach, and instead focuses on the physical and psychological progression and development each athlete needs to to fully realize their athletic potential.


How is the TT Program different than other Speed-focuses schools? Our program does not focus exclusively on speed development. The TT program helps athletes identify and develop both:

  1. Their own relative weaknesses and strengths as an athlete;
  2. The specific performance attributes required by their sport.

This may include Speed training; it may not, depending on the needs of the athlete, and the demands of their sport and/or position.

When do the group training classes meet? Our group-training classes meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons from 4:00 – 5:00 PM. On occasion, class will run long in order to accommodate a group lecture on a performance-related topic. Discussion topics may include: Psychological Training/the science of Flow; Nutrition, Sleep, and Mobility.

How does each class work? All athletes will be assigned to a specific program-track based on:

  1. Their goals for the upcoming season;
  2. The specific demands of their sport;
  3. Their relative strengths and weaknesses as identified by a series of benchmark tests performed during the first week of the program.

During each class, athletes within the same program track will perform the same workout together group setting, with modifications and scales necessary for their fitness / strength level, under the supervision of seasoned, professional strength and conditioning coaches. All sessions include a workout-specific dynamic warm-up, a cool down with athlete-specific mobility work, and team-building activities.

Why is the program size so limited? TT caps it’s program size in order to ensure that we have the proper ratio of coaches to student athletes at each session. We strive to maintain a 6:1 instructor to coach ratio at all times with our student athlete programs to ensure all of our athletes receive appropriate levels of attention.

Can athletes attend individual classes at a drop-in rate? We do not allow drop-ins to our classes. Our program is designed in such a way that it delivers benefits over a period of time – athletes who attend individual classes will not derive the intended experience.

What are the Rates for the Program? Rate for the program are as follows:

  • BEFORE 10/7: $169.99, plus tax; (click HERE to register); 
  • AFTER 10/7: $219.99, plus tax. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept athletes into the program after 10/14/2014.