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Looking to come check us out? We would love to have you join us for a FREE trial class.  We welcome folks to sign up for a GrunTT work class – offered each Tuesday and Thursday night at 5:30pm.  This class is a great way to see and feel the environment, workout, community and coaches.  This class is focused on non-barbell movements and uses body weight, Dumbbells, kettlebells, carries, and lots of other fun movements.  Whether you are just finishing a collegiate sport, have been exercising on your own or never done a fitness program before- we are here for you!! Any and all levels are welcome and we will help scale and modify the movements to best meet you where you are at in your fitness.


What are you waiting for? Now is the time and we are ready for you to join our amazing TT community.

Still not sure? Listen to what some of our members have said:

It’s simple: I feel good physically and emotionally. I’ve been at it over 5 years and still find every workout challenging and addicting. I still can’t wait to see what the next day’s WOD holds.  I love the coaches and community. I’ve always been an athlete and ‘in shape’, but with TT and diet changes I’ve transformed my body to be stronger and leaner.  I can do what I couldn’t do when I was young. I feel like a better role model for my kids.  Life is more enjoyable feeling like this.  -A.D

It’s easy to get “addicted” to good feelings. TT offers dynamic strength training with knowledgeable coaches who care about each individual athlete’s needs, goals, and limitations. It is an environment designed to help everyone succeed while being supported where we are in our fitness journey. Positive, supportive, intensive fitness. I’m addicted to feeling good about myself. I’m addicted to seeing my fellow athletes succeed. I’m addicted to seeing what I can accomplish next.  That’s why I keep coming back. -J.L

Through plenty of experiments, I’ve learned that my day is better if I start it with a dose of endorphins. After class at TT, I’m more grounded, happier, and more resilient to the stressors of the day. My family can tell if I don’t go to class, and that would be reason enough to keep going! The athletes and coaches I call friends in the TT community are supportive and loving, and their encouragement makes a huge difference at the end of a hard workout. The programming is varied and interesting and has led me to plenty of PRs. I’m excited to see what is next on my fitness horizon! -K. H

“I’ve been working out at TT for just over two years and I still look forward to every class!  Love the coaches, people, and workouts. It’s great to discover an exercise routine in your 40’s that makes you feel energized and in the best shape of your life. The programming is fun and varied… I never get bored!”  -S.L

Want to sign up for a free trial class? Email info@crossfitTT.com and we will get you registered!

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