• 400m jog
  • Burgner Warm Up
  • Sampson Stretch with PVC


  • Power Clean
  • Front Squat

WOD: “You Go, I Go.”

With a Partner, complete 5 Rounds of the Following 3 Minute Work Cycle:

  • 5 Front-Squats (135/95lbs). No racks – bar must come off of the floor. Scale UP OR DOWN as needed for a HEAVY 5 reps.
  • AMRAP Weighted Push-Up (45/25lbs)
  • AMRAP Double Under Jump rope

30 Second Rest Transition

Partner A works while Partner B Counts reps. After the :30 second rest, Partner B does the same work, with partner A counting reps. Each Partner must complete 5 rounds.

MOBILITY/ Stretch:

  • Roll-out / Trigger-Point Work
  • Upper Body Release with Bands