This year, CrossFit HQ will release each open workout on THURSDAYS at 8:00pm, and will require athletes to submit their scores by the following MONDAY at 5:00 PM EDT. This is a change from last year, when workouts were released on WEDNESDAY, and athletes were required to submit their scores by SUNDAY at 8:00PM EDT. Based on these changes, CrossFIt TT will be making some changes to the way we program and schedule our workouts during this timeframe.


  • Each THURSDAY during the Open, CrossFit TT will be hosting a Pot-Luck Workout Release Party. Following each Thursday’s 6PM class, all athletes and community members are invited to come hang-out, socialize, and to watch each week’s LIVE Workout announcement at 8:00 PM on the CrossFit TT’s not-so-jumbo-tron.
  • Each FRIDAY during the Open, all athletes will be doing a variant of the workout released the previous evening. The purpose of this workout is to give everyone who’s participating in the Open the opportunity to practice the movement combinations and test their strategies without completely gassing themselves in advance of the workout they’ll use to submit their score.
  • SUNDAY mornings will be dedicated to the Open Workout of the week. Athletes who’re registered for the open will be able to conduct their workout with other community members under supervision of a Judge per CrossFit HQ’s regulations. We’ll run as many consecutive heats of the workout; each participant will have their own judge and scorecard, and the gym will take on the appearance of a mini-competition. Our goal is to create an environment that gives everyone the opportunity to experience the energy, enthusiasm, and community support that the Open affords on a weekly basis. Spectators are not only welcome, but are actively encouraged to attend; our goal is to have heat, judge and lane assignment registration available on Mindbody. After the final heat, we’ll have another impromptu pot-luck celebration, and will resume open gym.
  •  Because some individuals won’t be able to participate in the workout on Sunday, each MONDAY’s programming will also be dedicated to the Open. Athletes who completed the workout on Sunday are encouraged to use Monday as a rest/recovery day. The demanding nature of the open effectively requires athletes to completely tax themselves at least once a week for 5 weeks; the extra rest will do you a lot of good, and will reduce the likelihood of injury and/or illness.

That’s all for now. As always, don’t hesitate to email or call with any comments, suggestions, and/or feedback.