The Main Event was one of my favorite athletic endeavors from the past year! As anyone who has been in a class with me knows, I typically enjoy showing up to the WODs, connecting w my comrades-in-arms, many of whom have become great friends, and turning off my brain for 60 or so minutes. I really like to be told what to do (not sure what that says about me) and then engage in a very focused sweat-fest. I love it, the routine of it. I rely on the WODS for just that experience week in and week out. That said, in those rare moments when I have the capacity to step back from “the grind,” sometimes I’ll discover that the passion for pushing has ebbed a bit and I’m in a workout rut…and that was the case last year, which I didn’t realize until the Main Event. So, I signed up for it thinking that it would be a glorified WOD, but it ended up being so much more. I was put on a team with folks from the TT community, many of whom I didn’t know all that well, and there are fewer things in life better than a high-functioning group of people all heading/running/burpeying (sp) in the same direction together. Our coaches – Casey and Charlotte – saw to it that we did just that. Through all of the many challenges of the five-week long event, the group stayed united, energized, optimistic, and devoted to each other’s progress and physical and emotional well-being. Also, the usual format for the Saturday WOD vanished and in its place was a well-organized and run tournament setting. There were heats every hour or so, awesome and loud music, and the air was thick w endorphins! I had a blast every Saturday pushing myself and trying to urge on my teammates to new athletic heights. I got my first bar muscle-up during those five weeks, and I’m pretty sure that every teammate PRd something. Further, the experience highlighted things I needed to work on, from consistent double-unders (still struggling w those) to linked T2Bs. The Main Event was just the motivation I needed to re-envision my WODs moving forward. I’m looking forward to new teammates, experiences, and growth areas for 2018! Thank you Tyler, Meghan, AJ, et al!

Matt B