WOD #3: Presented by Healthy Living Market and Cafe


Athletes must complete the following body of work, for time:


Open Division: “Not-Quite-First-Time” Division:
– 2000m Males (1800m Females) on Rower;
– 40 Toes-to-Bar-Pull-Ups;
– 80 KBS 32/24kg;
– 100 Wall Ball 24lb/16lb, target at 10’/9ft;
– 10 Rope Climbs;
– 2000m Males (1800m Females) on Rower;
– 40 Pull-Ups
– 80 KBS 24/16
– 100 Wall Ball 20lb/14lb, target at 10’/9ft
– 10 Rope Climbs

There’s no catch this time. But there is a twist…


Partner A will begin this workout on the Rower; Partner B on the Toes-to-Bar-Pull-Up (Open division), or the Chin-over-bar Pull-Up (NQFT Division). When the workout commences, both athletes will begin working. Partner A will begin accumulating meters on the Rower; Partner B will begin working through the other movements. Athletes may switch at any time, HOWEVER before Partner B can begin rowing, they must complete 10 Suitcase Lunges (Open Division), or 10 Goblet Lunges (NQFT Division). Once Partner A has completed their 10 Lunges / Goblet Squats, they may begin rowing, and Partner B may begin working where Partner A left off.

Once the row is complete, Partner A and Partner B can take turns performing the balance of the work remaining without penalty, however only one partner may work at a time until the body of work is complete.


Prescriptions for genders and divisions are as follows:

Toes-to-Bar Pull-Ups: Athlete begins hanging from the bar at full extension. One rep is performed when the athletes toes touch the bar, the athlete returns to full-extension, and they then perform a chin-over-bar Pull-Up, all without letting go of the bar*. Athlete begins movement hanging from the bar in full extension. One rep is performed when their chin is clearly visible above the bar.
KbS: Males: 32 KG; Females: 24KG Males: 24 KG; Females: 16KG
Wall-Ball: Males: 24lb; Females 16lb Males: 20lb; Females 14lb
Rope Climb: Height of approx. 12′, all genders. Height of approx. 12′, all genders.
Suitcase Lunges / Goblet Squat: Males: 32 KG; Females: 24KG Males: 24 KG; Females: 16KG

*In the event an athlete performs a T2B, but cannot successfully perform a pull-up before coming off of the bar, they need only perform the pull-up component of the movement to receive credit for a complete rep. Said differently; they don’t need to start the whole rep over again; they can simply perform the remaining portion of the movement.


The team with the fastest time will win Event #3. There is a time-cap of 16:00 for this event. Athletes who do not complete the workout within the time-cap will receive a time of 16:00, plus one second for each rep they failed to complete.

SCORING EXAMPLE #1: Jack from Team Totally Awesome begins the WOD on the rower. His partner Joe completes 21 Toes-to-Bar Pull-Ups before calling for a switch. Jack politely reminds Joe that they cannot switch until Joe performs 10 suitcase lunges. Joe completes these lunges; once he does, Jack and Joe switch places on the rower. Jack attempts the teams 22nd T2BPU, while Joe resumes the teams 2k row, picking up where Jack left off. This continues until roughly 9:14, when they finish the rowing component of the workout. At this point, only one person is working at a time, however Jack and Joe are able to switch out with one-another without penalty/having to perform suitcase lunges. Joe and Jack finish the workout in 14:23; Team Totally Awesome’s time for this event: 14:23.


  • Rope climbs will be scored when an athlete’s feet resume contact with the floor after they’ve ascended and descended from their climb. In order for a rep to count, each athlete must meet the following criteria when ascending / descending the rope:
    • On the ascent: the athlete must touch the outrigger holding the rope.
    • On the descent: The athlete must be under their own control, and have both hands below the 8′ mark on the rope before they are allowed to drop-off of the rope. Please Note: The use of drops in this event is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED, however, should a team wish to employ drops, they may do so under the aforementioned conditions only. Teams will not receive a warning for this standards violation – they will simply receive a no-rep, and the repetition will need to be repeated.