While we understand that some may be apprehensive about participating in such an event, we also have seen first-hand how transformative participation In the Main Event Series can be, regardless of your experience or ability level. The bottom line is this: Participating the Main Event Series not only changes people’s perception of what they’re capable of, but also changes their perceptions of themselves. We want this for all of you, regardless of whether you’re a recent On-Ramp Graduate, or a Seasoned Veteran. That’s why we’re throwing down the gauntlet…and offering the following bounty:
If 80 People Participate in the Main Event Series…Each Team Will Get to Design a Challenge That ALL THRESHOLD TRAINING COACHES MUST COMPLETE. 

Want to make this Clown do 1,000 Burpees? For Time? Sign up for the Main Event.

Ever wanted to see how many calories Coach T can put up on an Airbike…in 30 minutes? How many Thrusters AJ can do before his head explodes? Or whether Casey can Bear-Crawl to the Airport and Back? Now’s your chance. All you have to do is Register for the Main Event…and encourage as Many of your friends to do so as possible. BUT DON’T DELAY. Main Event Registration closes on 2/16, NO EXCEPTIONS. Get registered quickly, or you’ll miss the boat!!!

Register for the Main Event.