General Warm up:

2 rounds –
5 walkout to plank + 1/arm shoulder tap
5 commando push-ups
10 hollow rocks
10 supine DB lowers (5-15 lbs. Can use a plate as well)
:15-:20 sec active hang on pull-up bar
40 jumping jacks


A. EMOTM 12 min:
1. 4-6 prone arch to hollow drill
2. 4-6 reps hanging box arch to hollow drill
3. 5x commando push-up down/plank push-up up (scale to plank push-up down/commando push-up up)

B. 10-1 FT @ steady pace (move between the exercises casually, but perform each movement with quality):
– DB floor press @ 40s/30s; 30s/20s
– Per leg Slam ball bear hug lateral hurdle step overs @ 40-50/30-40 (use bench, PVC btw boxes, low bar in rack)
– 3-count flutter kicks with 2x DBs held over chest (top of bench press position)
– Total Dual DB renegade rows (try to use same load as floor press)