General Warm up:

8 min circuit –
200m run
5 inchworms
20 total shoulder taps
5/leg cossack squats
5 squat jumps


A. In 15 min, find your 2RM push-press. Compare to
your 2RM split jerk
:90 sec – 2 min rest btw sets (rest longer as it gets heavier)**

B. 3 sets: (warm up to part C)
3 hang squat clean progression. Add load to build to weight to be used in part C
30 total hi knees
:30 sec rest

C. 3 RFT:
– 300m run
– 12 hang squat cleans @ 135/93; 95/63

**its not that the weight should be the
same, but if my 2RM push press
is 150 and my 2RM split jerk is 160,
there may be some techincal work
to be done on the split jerk. On the
other hand, if my 2RM push press is
125 lbs and my 2RM split jerk is 215,
then perhaps there is a pressing/
power component that needs attention.