General Warm up:

Thunderstruck no-push-up burpees 🙂 (listen to the song and every time you here “thunderstruck” perform a no push up burpee)

2 rounds:
:30 sec bike/row
20 bear crawl steps
6/side 1-arm renegade row
6/side DB cross body DL
6/side 1-arm DB hi pull
1 per side world’s greatest stretch



In teams of 2, complete for time:
4k bike (2k row). Partition throughout the workout where 1 person works on the machine while the other person works on the 100s. Switch partners whenever you wish. Once you’ve completed the bike or row, you may then begin working on the rest of the reps back and forth with your partner (1 works: 1 rests).

100 1-arm alt. DB hang snatch @ 50/35; 35/25
100 ab mat sit ups
100 pull-ups
100 no push up burpee 1-arm deadlift @ 50/35; 35/25


*Individual: cut the reps to 50. Partition row, bike, ski, run, or other movement throughout the workout