General Warm up:

1 round –
50 split jacks
16 total jumping lunges
50 bear crawl steps
then 2 rounds –
10 per direction weighted arm circles
30 total shoulder taps
10 box walk ups
5 PVC behind the neck jerk drops or push press


A. 5×2 split jerk or push press @ 85% of 2RM movement
you need to work on. 2 min rest btw sets.


If you have time before part B, go through some kips
or MU turnovers

B. 10 min on the clock…

– 30 Dual DB S2OH
– 30 Dual DB OH DB alt. forward lunges
– 30 Dual DB suitcase box step-overs
then, AMRAP in time remaining of:
– 3 bar muscle ups or 8 kipping pull-ups (scale to jumping pull-ups)
– 15 ab-mat sit-ups

DB weight for all movements: 40/25; 30/20. Looking for a load you can perform 1-2 sets to reach 30 reps.