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Arguably, one of Threshold Training’s most distinguishing characteristics is its (our) programming. We endeavor to apply key principles of elite performance training into a flexible training program that well compliments the needs of a wide range of athletes, and the entirety of our community. As our community grows, so do the demands that are placed on the programming. With more and more individuals coming out of our On-Ramp program, we have a growing segment of our community who needs to focus on mobility and mechanics. With so many community members making such tremendous progress, we have more individuals who’re in need of greater challenges, and who’re committed to following programming that’ll prepare them for the rigors of fitness competitions. To account for these diverging needs, and to enhance everyone’s experience, each TT Group Training Class gives attendees the option of selecting a workout from  one of three distinct program tracks, each of which is tailored to the needs of a specific group of our community members.

Threshold Training Programming Tracks

The PERFORMANCE Program Track is designed for anyone who’s interested in taking his or her fitness to another level. Current TT Community Members will recognize these W.O.D.’s as those used prior to our change to segmented programming. Designed to help athletes transcend their own personal performance threshold, PERFORMANCE W.O.D.’s enhance general fitness preparedness, with a slight-to-moderate emphasis on the sport of Fitness. (Click here to learn more about PERFORMANCE Programming)

Similar in structure, W.O.D.’s from the FUNCTION Program Track often tax the same energy system and/or incorporate the same general movements as W.O.D.’s from the PERFORMANCE Program Track, with one appreciable difference: heavy loads and high-skill work take a backseat to foundational strength, mobility, and skill development. When introduced, high-skill movements are not a primary metabolic component of the workout, and/or they’re incorporated in a fashion where or athletes aren’t under time-pressure to perform them. Although the programming emphasizes skill development, it should not be confused with a ‘Beginner’ or ‘Novice’ program. FUNCTION programming is ideal for individuals with personal or professional commitments that prevent them from either regularly attending classes/regularly depleting their energy reserves, and individuals who have strength imbalances or mobility restrictions (Click here to learn more about FUNCTION Programming).

The RTG Program Track is for individuals with specific goals within the sport of CrossFit, or who desire to be competitive at local, regional, national, or international levels of competition. Because such competitions regularly employ complex/high-skill movements in volume or with heavy loads, athletes must demonstrate proficiency with several movements prior to being allowed to participate in the program. Also, RTG program athletes have made (or are willing to make) a significant commitment to their sport; In addition to securing the pre-requisite skills and/or fitness levels demanded by the program, they’ve made accommodations in their lifestyles to pursue their craft.

Picking a Program Track

In addition to the new Programming Options, we’ll be instituting new protocols and guidelines to help new and existing community members pick the programming track that best works for them. Generally speaking, we recommend that NEW Clients / clients with fewer than 30 W.O.D.’s under their belt follow the FUNCTION program track. If, after 30 workouts, you’re looking for a new challenge, you can try moving up to the PERFORMANCE program track, with the understanding that you can’t selectively cherry-pick between FUNCTION and PERFORMANCE workouts (**IMPORTANT NOTE: one can – and absolutely should – scale each workout accordingly. We’re not saying that once you elect to follow PERFORMANCE programming, that you’re obligated to do it exactly as it’s written. We ARE saying that in the event the two workouts differ substantially, that you should follow your pre-existing program track). To help ensure athletes are assigned the appropriate program track, new community members will undergo a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) test as part of their On-Ramp Curriculum. Based on their score,  Threshold Training will recommend a programming track. Alternatively, existing clients can schedule an FMS, or can consult with a member of the TT consulting staff to identify the track that will best suit their needs. Most important, because these changes will further assist athletes achieve their fitness, performance, and training goals, we’re confident that they’ll further enhance the community atmosphere within each class. Remember – The workouts you’re all doing may differ slightly, but the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment you’re all putting forth isn’t going anywhere.

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