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About Threshold Training (TT)

Our Philosophy

A registered CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit TT acknowledges the CrossFit Methodology, and supports it’s prescribed concept of “constantly varied, functional movements practiced at high intensity” in a small, structured group workouts or classes. Like all other affiliates, we regularly incorporate many of the fun, intense, challenging “Benchmark” workouts notoriously prescribed by CrossFit (eg. “Cindy”, “Grace”, “Fran”, “Angie”, “Kelly”, etc.) into our programming. Also like many other affiliates, we design and structure our workouts so that they feel ‘random’. The variation keeps people guessing, and – generally speaking – is part of what makes CrossFit so alluring. In reality, our programming is very carefully structured as to ensure that clients are receiving the proper mix of training they need in each discipline, when they need it. Such structure helps ensure that our clients are ready for the challenges they’ll face in upcoming Benchmark workouts, their sport of choice, during the upcoming season, or in life in general.

Coach Sarah Bowling of CrossFit Delray Beach makes such an approach even easier to understand by likening it to schoolwork. “Think of it like a school environment: You study materials and practice techniques (“training”) weeks before you actually write your exams (“Benchmark Tests”). Could you imagine if you had to write a mid-term exam EVERY DAY? Your anxiety and stress level would consistently be through the roof, which (in-turn) would result in sub-maximal efforts and results.” We couldn’t agree more.

Our Mission

CrossFit TT’s mission is to become the presence most recognized by Chittenden County Athletes and recreation enthusiasts as the game-changer for their athletic and fitness prowess. Regardless of whether you’re an elite athlete at the peak of your craft, an outdoor or recreation enthusiast looking for a regimen to keep you sharp in the off-season, or someone who’s looking to develop both the fitness and confidence necessary to take advantage of all of the activities the region, your community, or your life has to offer, CrossFit TT’s mission is to serve it’s community by becoming the resource all Chittenden County residents can trust to help them realize their athletic potential.

Our Approach

CrossFit TT’s distinctive mission and philosophical approach to training are ultimately what distinguish us not only from affiliates in the Greater Burlington Area / Chittenden County, but from many affiliates across the US.  To better understand these differences, we invite you to learn about the the influence our approach has on our programming, and how we prepare our coaching staff.

Our Programs

Distinctive in their own right, CrossFit TT’s Group Training Classes provide individuals looking for a traditional CrossFit experience the opportunity to prepare for a broad assortment of physical challenges. In addition, the periodization of our programming and mandated mobility work incorporated into each of our sessions both expedites progression, and dramatically reduces the possibility of overuse, injury, or burnout.

Individual Program Design / Sport-Specific Programming / Team Sport- Programming: In keeping with our mission, we program CrossFit training for athletes and teams preparing for something very specific in addition to those seeking proficiency across multiple domains of fitness.  By combining CrossFit – a fitness model empirically proven to be incredibly effective at developing a broad base of fitness and functional strength – with:

1.)  Sport-specific programming and skill-work;

2.)  Custom programming tailored to the needs of each individual client;

3.)  A broader understanding of the sport-specific physiological demands;

CrossFit TT provides individuals from any background, playing any sport, with any fitness and/or athletic goal, access to the physiological benefits provided by CrossFit without requiring appreciable time away from their sport, or overhauling their preferred approach to training. Not only can we create both seasonal and annual training plans and strength and conditioning programs for endurance (Swim, Bike, Run, and Triathlon) and Team (Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Football, and Lacrosse) sport athletes and teams, but also we can integrate with existing plans and methodologies to become the extended strength, conditioning, or program design arm of any team, program, or athlete.

Our Capabilities

OPEX Certification. In addition to maintaining both their credentials as registered coaches within several sports and their CrossFit Trainer Certifications, CrossFit TT Coaches also Participate in the OPEX Coaching Certification Program (CCP). An extensive, multi-year program, the CCP compliments educational opportunities afforded by CrossFit with a broad, multi-faceted curriculum and mandated practical work. Such rigor affords us the opportunity to both further our client’s understanding of our methods and approach, and to truly customize each client’s training experience.

Local Knowledge. Given both the passion Vermonters have for the outdoors, and the inconsistency with which we get good weather, conditions, snow, or – in extreme cases – sunshine, it’s hard to imagine a population better suited for CrossFit than the greater Burlington Community. As locals, we understand how fleeting epic conditions can be in Vermont…and how important it is to be ready for them. That’s why in addition to traditional CrossFit programming, we also offer program variants designed to compliment the sports, activities, and passions pursued by people in Chittenden County.

Coaching Accreditations and Technology Applications: In addition to maintaining credentials as certified CrossFit Trainers, members of the CrossFit TT staff maintain coaching accreditations from USA Triathlon, POSE Running, ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association), USA Cycling, USA Track and Field, and the NFIC (National Federation of Interscholastic Coaches). Together with frame-by-frame video analysis, we apply our understanding of the mechanics required for efficient movements in swimming, cycling, running, to afford clients the opportunity to see, understand, and address their weaknesses and strengths in a whole new way.

Our Facility

More than just another place where Vermonters can train, CrossFit TT’s physical plant captures many of the distinctive cultural characteristics that make the Greater Burlington area such a wonderful place to live. Designed by some of Chittenden County’s most talented creatives, built by it’s best craftsmen, with sustainable, recycled, or reclaimed materials, using construction techniques which afford an exceptionally high yield, CrossFit TT aims to:

  • Reduce its Carbon Footprint,
  • Minimize the volume of fill it creates;
  • Celebrate art, creativity, and design with fun, vibrant spaces that encourage people to leave their comfort zones.
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