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We Make the Uncommon Commonplace.  Threshold Training is a training studio dedicated to helping everyone – regardless of whether they label themselves an athlete or not – transcend their personal performance threshold. By combining elements of the multiple training methodologies with a principle-based framework for goal-setting and realization, we provide our clients with the knowledge, skills, and motivation they need to realize their immediate athletic goals, and make profound, impactful, lifestyle changes.


We don’t replace your sport. We make it better. Originally developed for First Responders, Law Enforcement and Armed Services Personnel, and Special Forces Units, Functional Fitness Programs were designed to prepare any athlete for any physical challenge, at any given time. Given both the passion we Vermonters have for the outdoors, the inconsistency with which we get good weather, conditions, snow, or even sunshine, and how we always seem to be transitioning between activities and passions, it’s hard to imagine a population better suited for Elite Functional Fitness than ours – the greater Burlington Community. As locals, we understand how fleeting epic conditions can be…and how important it is to be ready for them. Our programming is designed to do just that. 


Prepare for the unknown while training for the Known. Threshold Training can also provide substantial benefits to people who’re preparing for something specific. In addition to traditional programming, we offer integrated training plans and strength and conditioning programs for Endurance athletes, Athletic Teams, and Individual athletes. Optimized for both the needs of each individual and the demands of the sport, our Individual Design™ Programs integrate a variety of different programming aspects into sport-specific training, ensuring convergence of the right skills, the right strengths, and the right conditioning at the right time. Learn More About: What Makes CrossFit TT Unique;  CrossFit TT’s Programming Philosophy. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re striving to make it to the show…or to just show up. A fitness model designed to make broad, elite fitness accessible, Threshold Training helps everyone – from NHL Stars to Pregnant Moms; from Olympic Ski Racers to Grandparents – both get better at, and have more fun with the things they love to do. Because each exercise prescribed is infinitely scalable according to the capabilities of the athlete, any workout can be performed by anyone, regardless of their age, background, or pre-existing physical condition.


A Community By Vermonters, For Vermonters. In addition to providing strength, conditioning, and coaching programs which speak to the needs of the greater Burlington Area, Chittenden County, and it’s athletic communities, Threshold Training is committed to furthering local initiatives which both make Vermont such a wonderful place to live, and which afford us the opportunity to introduce unique fitness opportunities to the community. Whether by developing partnerships with local businesses, taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, or working with local craftsmen, artisans, and vendors, Threshold Training’s commitment to the community runs deep.

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