Burpees, everybody loves burpees, the Crossfit punishment exercise of choice. Late for class? Five burpees. Forgot to sign in for class? Ten burpees. Having a birthday? 100 million burpees. It’s no wonder they have such a bad reputation: in addition to being associated with the penal system, they’re sbsolutely no fun whatsoever.

There are so many variations on the standard burpee that we could do a new one every day for two weeks and still not have done them all – burpee box jumps, burpee bar-bell hops, burpee pullups, burpee wallballs, etc, etc, etc. But by this time, as far as burpees go, we thought we’d seen it all.

That is, until Crawford walked in on Saturday to his first WOD ever, and astonished us with his exuberant burpee style. We’ve never quite seen burpees performed like this during a wod before, and we had to get them on film.