A1. Skill Work: 5 x 3 Tall Clean @ 65% of 1 RM for Clean and Jerk. DON’T STRESS IF THIS MOVEMENT IS NEW FOR YOU. You did a varirant of it in On-Ramp; it will help improve your timing with the clean.


B1. “Cushy-Pushy”

Four Rounds of the following:

5 Min AMRAP:

– 5 Unbroken Pull-Ups (Perform as many unbroken as you can, up to 5; scale w/ 7 banded pull-ups, or 10 jumping pull-ups);

– 7 Unbroken Push-Ups (scale from knee if necessary).

– 9 Unbroken Russian-Style (eye-level) KbS (24/16)

1:00 Self-Timed Rest.

Score each 5 Min AMRAP. If you break, make every effort to keep the number you broke at from dropping. No Rx’s issued if break occurs, unless athlete re-starts their set.