A. Back Squat 3 x 3.3.3. Build from 75-80% based on feel. Another way of thinking of it: it should feel as though you MAYBE have 1-2 reps left after each cluster for the first round, like you have MAYBE 1 reps after the second, and NO reps left in each of the 3rd round of clusters. As always, only add load as form allows.
No misses

B. 16min AMRAP:
Jumpong C2B pull-ups or Banded C2B pull-ups, x 8;
Single Arm Farmers Carry 20mR/20mL. HEAVY
Hollow Rock Hold x :45
GHD Hip Extension x 12
Dips  x 5 use toe-taps as necessary
HSPU from a box x 8