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Personalization is Harder Than it Sounds.

Finding an optimized Nutrition Strategy isn’t as easy as it sounds. Between all the miracle-cure-products, self-appointed, self-promoting gurus, and fad-of-the-week diet plans, it’s hard to differentiate the safe, effective, responsible strategies from those that are capable of doing little more than selling more products or books. Worse yet, it’s harder still to determine whether the strategy you’re attracted to will work for you, your body type, and your goals. Because nutrition is arguably the most important ingredient to one’s training program, we didn’t want to work with (or prescribe) ‘flavor-of-the-month’ nutrition programs. Anything we did had to be backed by science, compliment our philosophy of principles over shortcuts, customizable to the specific needs of each of our community members, accessible to a wide variety of folks, and – above all else – capable of delivering results. After five years of searching…we’ve finally found that program.

How It Works.

A collaborative effort between Threshold Training and Renaissance Periodization, the TTRP Nutrition Programs provide individuals with  better understand both the role nutrition plays in goal realization, and how other factors like sleep, exercise, and stress affect the body’s performance on a daily basis. More than a dietary challenge that compels participants to refrain from certain types of foods, the program helps individuals develop sustainable, life-long nutrition habits by accounting for their biochemistry, personal preferences and goals, and will help anyone – from elite athletes, to busy professionals, to outdoor enthusiasts, or even those who’re just ‘stuck in a rut’ – develop a nutrition plan that’s sure to enable their athletic goals.

Individuals can participate in TT x RP programs in one of two ways – as part of a group, or individually. Group ‘cohorts’ start roughly once every 4 weeks, while individual programs can commence at any time.

Group Program: Group programs start roughly once every four weeks. Each program starts with a ‘kick-off’ week, during which participants will receive guidance on how to successfully execute their plan. On Monday of the kick-off week, each participant will receive a comprehensive intake form. After completing and submitting the form (due on Wednesday), you’ll be assigned a coach who – based on the results of your form – will work with Renaissance Periodization to create a nutrition plan that’s optimized for their goals. Each customized plan is delivered in a simple, easy-to-follow format; each plan provides specific guidance not only on WHAT participants should be eating, but also on HOW MUCH one should eat, and WHEN they should eat it. Plans will On Thursday of the “Kick-Off” Week, The cohort Coach will review how the plans work, and answer any questions you might have at an introduction seminar hosted at Threshold Training. Immediately following the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to have their body composition measurements taken, as well as their “before” photo (relax – it’s in a private setting). Participants will have the weekend to prepare for the program, which will commence on Sunday night. Once the program commences, participants will have unlimited email access to their coach, as well as a closed Facebook support page.

Individual Program: TTxRP individual programs can be started at any time, and afford a deeper dive into issues that might prevent individuals from achieving success with their program. Individual programs allow clients to work directly with their coach vis-a-vis six (6) one-on-one sessions with a TTxRP coach (included). Seminar content and body composition measurements will be taken in the first one-on-one session).

About the Templates.

Unlike traditional dietary or exercise programs that offer generic guidance for a broad cross-section of the population, for a particular body type, range of activity levels, or weight-loss/weight-gain goal, TTxRP templates are fully customized to each individual athlete. Additionally, they account for the specific type of training athletes perform when training at TT. IMPORTANT NOTE:because TTxRP templates are individually crafted, they CANNOT BE FOLLOWED BY INDIVIDUALS OTHER THAN FOR WHEN THEY’RE SPECIFICALLY PREPARED. Just like you wouldn’t take someone else’s prescription medicine, you should NOT follow someone else’s RPxTT Template – it’s not built for you!

Who They’re For.

Not just for athletes, TTxRP programs empower anyone – from elite athletes, to busy professionals, to outdoor enthusiasts, or even those who’re just ‘stuck in a rut’ with their fitness routine – to have a tremendous performance, wellness, or health-related breakthrough.

Why They’re Unique.

TTxRP programs are unique from conventional dietary or fitness challenges in four ways:

  1. Personalization. Unlike conventional dietary challenges that prescribe the same specific foods to everyone who participates in the program, the dietary component of RPxTT accounts for the physiological differences of each participant when advising a Nutrition strategy;
  2. Guidance. Templates are great…until you have detailed questions. With all of the RPxTT plans, you’re never more than an email-to-a-coach away from an answer;
  3. They’re more encompassing. Traditional dietary or exercise challenges focus on one dimension of the ‘wellness equation’. By contrast, the RPxTT Plans examine how numerous variables impact one’s performance, wellness, and ability to achieve their fitness goals. In addition to nutrition and activity levels, the templates also account for factors like sleep, hydration, and stress. Because participants track their ‘performance’ in these areas alongside nutrition, they’re better equipped to understand the interdependencies in play.
  4. They’re less Expensive. Because of TT’s unique relationship with Renaissance Periodization, athletes following TTxRP plans will either save hundreds over a comparable plan bought directly from Renaissance Periodization, or can receive a LOT more value from a comparably priced plan.

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