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Threshold Training is proud to provide our new Bridge the Gap program. Over the past few years, we’ve come to understand that fitness means more than just a workout. To be “fit” means that we have a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy spirit. Sometimes our body’s health changes due to a musculoskeletal injury and it interferes with our ability to perform in the gym thereby affecting our wellness. To help with this, we created the Bridge the Gap program. The Bridge the Gap program is designed for anyone who finds they have a nagging issue that prevents them from moving the way they would like to. It’s also made for those recovering from an injury and are currently seeking physical therapy OR have completed their physical therapy care and are ready to shift gears towards performance. For example, you may have some constant shoulder discomfort while benching or back stiffness while deadlifting that is not going away or is beginning to worry you to the point where you’re not performing the movement anymore. We want to help you take action as opposed to just “hoping it goes away”!

The program provides you with movements to perform before, after, or during your group training class that keep you moving while getting rid of pain. In other words, it allows you to stay in the gym safely! This individualized program is based on an initial assessment of your problem area. Along the way, we re-assess your status to progress things forward through monthly in-person or virtual check-ins. Further, to make the program seamless for you, we’ve adopted an online software you can use as an app to check out what your latest workout is and watch videos to show you how to do it – all at your fingertips! Check out our video below of how our program works.

Ready to sign up already?! Great! E-mail heno@crossfittt.com to schedule an assessment and we will get started right away. Still have questions? Feel free to call (802-448-3768) or e-mail (heno@crossfittt.com) as soon as you can to get more information or read below under the FAQ section to learn more.


1. How long does the initial assessment last?

You should expect a 60 min assessment where we will uncover pertinent history of the problem, review lifestyle factors, perform an objective examination, then together, create a direction with which to tailor your program towards.


2. How long is the program for?

The program lasts for 8 weeks, but can be extended beyond 8 weeks as needed. To determine this, we will re-assess at the end of the 8 weeks and discuss the next best course of action. We will also have an in-person check in at the 4 week period for 30 minutes to determine status and progression.


3. What if my issue resolves in less than 8 weeks?

That’s great! You’ll still get 8 weeks’ worth of programming and we’ll tailor it to assimilate you back to what you were doing to make sure that the issue stays resolved.


4. Is this program a replacement for physical therapy (PT)?

This program is NOT a replacement for physical therapy. You may be referred to physical therapy if the initial assessment warrants it. If you end up going to physical therapy, you can STILL use this program as a way to customize your workouts to continue making progress during your recovery.


5. How much does it cost?

The initial 8-week program (assessment, app, monthly check-ins, and daily programming) is a one-time fee of 275$. Extending the program beyond 8 weeks will be a recurring 100$ for every month extended.

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