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Elite Preparation for the Unknown.

Our signature offering, the CrossFit TT Group Training Program is the choice of most CrossFit TT Clients. If you’re coming to us off of a referral, chances are good that this is the program your friends or family members have been raving about! .

Simply put, the CrossFit Threshold Training Group Training Program delivers elite fitness for the diverse array of activities the Greater Burlington area / Champlain Valley affords. Group Training classes apply scientific principles of exercise physiology with a derivative of the CrossFit training methodology. Participants who attend classes regularly can expect to see huge increases in their levels of physical fitness, strength, power, and mobility, and significant changes in their body composition within a few weeks.

How it Works / Program Tracks.

Upon completing CrossFit Threshold Training’s On-Ramp Program, participants – can elect to follow one of three unique Program Tracks. What’s a Program Track? Effectively, a Program Track is a path towards a specific fitness or performance objective. Each element of each workout offered during a Group Training Class at CrossFit TT has a specific objective. All participants in each class are working towards these objectives together, however their Program Track helps ensure that they’re using movements, scales, and/or modifications that are best suited for their current fitness level, or their own personal fitness goals.

Confused? Consider the following analogy: Competitive Swimmers or Track and Field Athletes don’t all perform the same workout as all of their other teammates when they arrive at practice. Sure, they all practice together, but instead of sharing one workout, distance athletes might do one workout, sprinters another, and throwers yet another. This is sort of how a CrossFit TT Group Training Class works. Everyone who attends a CrossFit TT group Training Class will be doing the same workout, and will be working towards the same specific objective (for example, posterior chain strength, or aerobic power)…however the prescriptions we’ll provide to achieve this goal will vary based on the needs of each Program Track. The FUNCTION Program Track accomplishes each workout’s daily training objectives using movements that are more easily mastered, that’re generally more stable, that can be done more safely at speed, and that MUST be mastered before more technical elements are introduced to the training program. Movements found in the PERFORMANCE Program Track are often evolutions of those used in the Function Track, with one principal difference: they maintain an added element of speed between the start and finish position. Because these movements tend to more closely mimic the actions seen in sports, the PERFORMANCE program track is an attractive option for athletes whose goals involve some measure of Performance, but who may not want to specialize in a specific sport, who instead want a broad base of fitness and athleticism that well translates to most sports and/or programs. The RTG Program Track features adaptations of PERFORMANCE Movements at loads and/or speeds that’re specific to a particular Sport, or the Sport of CrossFit.

Who it’s For.

The three different program tracks offered at each of CrossFit Threshold Training’s Group Training Class suit the needs of an exceptionally broad range of athletes. Group Training Classes are appropriate for / are often attended by:

  • Outdoor/action sports enthusiasts who want to stay fit, but who dread the thought of going to the gym;
  • Individuals desiring high-levels of fitness, who don’t want to limit or commit  themselves to a training program which prevents them from participating in other sports or activities;
  • Fitness enthusiasts who aren’t satisfied with the results they’re seeing from their routines;
  • Athletes interesting in learning, practicing, and competing in the sport of CrossFit; Elite CrossFit Athletes seeking to qualify for regional or National competitions;
  • High School or collegiate athletes looking to take their game to the next level;
  • Fitness newcomers who’re looking to make real, sustainable lifestyle changes;
  • Individuals sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Athletes with more specific training needs can still derive benefits from these program tracks, but may be better served by an Individualized Design Program that’s tailored to the specific needs of their discipline or sport.


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