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The FUNCTION Program Track provides athletes with performance-inhibiting strength, mobility, or biomechanical awareness issues the opportunity to address said liabilities without losing fitness. Similar in structure, FUNCTION W.O.D.’s often tax the same energy system and/or incorporate the same general movements as the PERFORMANCE W.O.D., with one appreciable difference: heavy loads and high-skill work take a backseat to foundational strength, mobility, and skill development. When introduced, high-skill movements are not a primary metabolic component of the workout, and/or they’re incorporated in a fashion where or athletes aren’t under time-pressure to perform them. Although the programming emphasizes skill development, it should not be confused with a ‘Beginner’ or ‘Novice’ program. FUNCTION programming is as ideal for individuals with personal or professional commitments that prevent them from either regularly attending classes, or regularly depleting their energy reserves as much as it is for individuals who have strength imbalances or mobility restrictions.


1.)   Athletes who’ve recently graduated from an On-Ramp Program, who’d like a little more practice with some of the movements individuals who

2.)   Athletes returning to a regular athletic or fitness program after a long hiatus;

3.)   Athletes struggling to maintain a work-life-wellness balance, who can’t afford to deplete their energy systems as regularly.



1.)   You want to take your performance to another level, but recognize that imbalances or mobility restrictions are holding you back;

2.)   You want to join the community but have reservations about diving in head-first;

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