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CrossFit TT offers a variety of programs, each of which is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of distinct athletic populations, and to help individuals accomplish their specific goals.


The pre-requisite for any of our group training programs, the CrossFit TT On-Ramp Program equips anyone interested in enrolling in any of CrossFit TT’s Programs, pursuing CrossFit training, or competing in the sport of fitness with the tools they’ll need to be successful within the CrossFit TT community.

CrossFit TT Group Training.

Elite Preparation for the Unknown. Our signature training program, CrossFit TT Group Training is the ideal exercise program for individuals seeking a fitness base broad enough to afford them the opportunity to excel at each and every athletic challenge the Greater Burlington Community has to offer. Highly versatile, CrossFit TT’s Group Training classes use a derivative of the CrossFit training methodology to both improve overall levels of physical fitness, mobility, and strength, and to prepare participants for a broad assortment of physical challenges. Effectively our core curriculum, CrossFit TT’s Group Training Program serves as the foundation for many of our other programs. Athletes on the CrossFit TT Performance Runninng Team Program supplement their running with CrossFit TT Group Training Workouts. Conversely, Athletes in CrossFit TT’s Competition Team Program supplement CrossFit TT’s Group Training Classes with specific strength, supplement strongman, gymnastic, or metabolic conditioning work.

Specialty Training Programs.

Just as our Group Training Classes are perfect for those without a specific goal other than elite, general fitness, CrossFit TT’s Specialty Training Programs are perfect for those seeking to achieve sport-specific goals without compromising their ability to tackle other activities along the way. By regularly incorporating sport-specific CrossFit TT Group Training workouts into a sport-specific training plan, CrossFit TT’s Specialty Training Programs provide athletes and Teams the training they need to not only become elite competitors within their sport, but also to maintain the broad, general base of strength they’ll need to both pursue other activities and interests, and to stay injury free.

Individualized Program Designs.

Whether you’re an athlete preparing for a particular event, a CrossFitter looking to addres a chronic weakness, a coach looking to recommend a training regimen for his team in the off-season, or even an individual recovering from surgery or other physical ailment, CrossFit TT’s Identity™ Personal Program Design services provide individuals with a broad array of options for a fully-customized training experience.  With coaching and training credentials in numerous sports outside of CrossFit, Not only can CrossFit TT’s network of coaches create both seasonal and annual training, strength and conditioning programs for endurance (Swim, Bike, Run, and Triathlon) and Team-sport (Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Football, and Lacrosse) athletes and teams, but also we can integrate with existing plans and methodologies to become the extended strength, conditioning, or program design arm of any team, program, or athlete.

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