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The following outlines all of CrossFit TT’s pricing options, effective 10/1/13. WE ASK THAT ALL CURRENT AND PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS CAREFULLY READ THE INFORMATION BELOW REGARDING OUR PRICING STRUCTURE(S) PRIOR TO PURCHASING A MEMBERSHIP OPTION. We reward customers and community members willing to make a long-term commitment to our program by offering both significant discounts, and convenient monthly payment options to those who opt to purchase a long-term contract or membership. Because they’re discounted, many of these membership contracts cannot be terminated early or paused. Please read our policy on each membership carefully, as we’re not able to make exceptions to these conditions.


Click on the link above for a downloadable PDF summarizing our pricing options, effective 10/1/13.


Option #1: Register for an Upcoming On-Ramp Program: $199.99, plus tax (Click to Purchase).

FOUNDATIONS OF FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT. Designed to equip anyone with the tools they’ll need to be successful within the CrossFit TT community, the CFTT On-Ramp Program both orients individuals with, and physically and mentally prepare individuals for CrossFit TT’s proprietary training methodology. Over the course of six 75-minute group-training sessions, attendees learn to perform the principal functional movements utilized by the CrossFit TT Group Training Program. Upon completing the six sessions, and successfully passing a Proficiency Assessment issued at the end of the 6th class, attendees are permitted to enroll in any of CrossFit TT’s Group Training Program classes (Enrollment in an On-Ramp Program includes two weeks of Unlimited Group Training, activated immediately upon completion of the 6th On-Ramp Class).

Option #2: Register for a 1-on-1 On-Ramp Program: $279.99, plus tax (Click to Purchase).

Flexibility + Personalization = The CrossFit TT 1-on1 On-Ramp.  Worried that your schedule won’t work for the two week on-ramp? Feel more comfortable working in a private setting prior to joining a larger group? Not a problem. CrossFit TT also offers a 1-on-1 On-Ramp Program. Like a series of personal training appointments, the 1-on-1 On-Ramp enables you to work exclusively with a CFTT coach at times that are convenient for your busy schedule. Like the Traditional On-Ramp, 1-on-1 On-Ramps include a Two-Week Unlimited Group Training Membership that activates upon completion of the last 1-on-1 appointment.



MAKE THE UPCOMING SEASON ONE TO REMEMBER. Perfect for athletes preparing for an upcoming athletic season, or any recent graduate from CrossFit TT’s On-Ramp program, the Unlimited Training Memberships allows for an unlimited number of classes each month.  Unlimited Membership Options Include:

  • Month-to-Month Unlimited Memberships: These memberships expire after 30 days, and do not auto-renew. Month-to-Month memberships may not be paused absent an injury with written documentation provided by a physician. Pricing for these memberships will be as follows:
    • Perfect for individuals training for life.  The 5 x Per Week Program is perfect for athletes looking to develop functional strength and mobility several times per week while balancing other life needs.
    • 5 x per week (20 classes/ month) 6 months- individual :
    • 5 x per week (20 classes/month) 3 months- individual


PREPARE FOR THE UNKNOWN WHILE TRAINING FOR THE KNOWN. Perfect for individuals training for a Marathon or Triathlon, the 3 x Per Week Program is perfect for athletes looking to develop functional strength and mobility while sticking to a season-long training plan. 3 x / Week Membership Options Include:

  • 6 Month 3 x / Week Membership: This membership auto-renews every 30 days for a six-month period. When purchasing a 6-Month Membership, you are purchasing a Contract; These contracts may not be terminated early. 6 Month Memberships may be paused for one 10+day period (see CrossFit TT’s membership pause policy.), provided written notification is provided 10 days in advance (exceptions are given to individuals who become injured with the provision of written documentation provided by a physician).
  • 3-Month 3 x / Week Membership: 3-Month memberships auto-renew every 30 days for a three-month period. When purchasing a 3-Month Membership, you are purchasing a Contract; these contracts may not be terminated early, and may not be paused (exceptions are given to individuals who become injured with the provision of written documentation provided by a physician).


Prefer to be flexible? CrossFit TT offers punch-card options to suit every schedule and budget.


TT SPARTAN RACE PREP PROGRAM – 5/10/14 – 9/18/14.

CrossFit TT’s Spartan Race Prep Program provides aspiring Spartan Racers with both a comprehensive, step-by-step Obstacle Race-specific training plan, and a community of other racers to train with, all without the need for a gym membership (at CrossFit TT or another gym), without having to complete CrossFit TT’s On-Ramp Program, and for less than $5 a class!

Each plan includes:

  • A 20 week Training Plan designed specifically for the 2014 Spartan Race in Killington, Vermont. Program participants can choose between one of two different plans – one that’s optimized for the Spartan Sprint distance, or one that’s optimized for the Spartan Beast distance. Plan highlights include:
    • A daily breakdown of the goals for each day’s training. Each day’s training includes a mix of running, calisthenics, plyometrics, strength, weight training and core-stability work, and mobility and stretching movements and exercises.
    • Specific, step-by-step guidance on how to perform each day’s workouts, and direction on how to scale the workouts according to your training age and fitness level.
    • Specific guidelines for running intensity (measured by pace, heart-rate) and distance;
  • Unlimited access to all Spartan Prep Group Training Classes offered by CrossFit Threshold Training from May 10 – September 21, 2014;
  • Access to each of CrossFit Threshold Training’s three (3) 2014 Spartan Race Prep Sessions / Socials.


Whether you’re an athlete preparing for a particular event, a CrossFitter looking to address a chronic weakness, a coach looking to recommend a training regimen for his team in the off-season, or even an individual recovering from surgery or other physical ailment, CrossFit TT’s Identity Personal Program Design services provide individuals with a broad array of options for a fully-customized training experience.  With coaching and training credentials in numerous sports outside of CrossFit, Not only can CrossFit TT’s network of coaches create both seasonal and annual training, strength and conditioning programs for endurance (Swim, Bike, Run, and Triathlon) and Team-sport (Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Football, and Lacrosse) athletes and teams, but also we can integrate with existing plans and methodologies to become the extended strength, conditioning, or program design arm  of any team, program, or athlete.


CrossFit TT offers select discounts for Armed Service, Law Enforcement, and First Responder Personnel, Students, and employees of businesses within the CFTT Business Alliance Network. To enquire about discount eligibility, email us at info@crossfitTT.com; to redeem a discout provided to you, click here, and enter the promotional code issued to you by your Human Resources coordinator or Commanding Officer.

Note: All prices above are subject to a 7% VT sales tax.

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