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Your Results are too Important to be Left to Chance.

Nutrition is arguably the single most important contributing factor to whether your body is getting the most out of your workouts. It doesn’t matter how hard you’re willing to work, whether you’re properly rested, or whether you’ve followed the instructions for the workout to the letter; If your body isn’t fueled properly, you simply won’t be able to perform the work that’s been prescribed for you, get the full benefit of the workout, and ultimately achieve the results you’re looking for. Bottom line: Whether your goals are athletic or aesthetic, mild or wild…in order to achieve them, you’ll need a sound Nutrition strategy. 

Threshold Training x Renaissance Periodization Nutrition Coaching Services.

Threshold Training is proud to announce it’s partnership with Renaissance Periodization – an internationally recognized nutrition programming firm – to deliver customized, highly-effective Nutrition Plans to individuals who’re serious about realizing their weight-loss, performance, or aesthetic goals. Unlike other programs, Renaissance’s programs are based on scientific research performed by MDs, PHDs and Athletes, rather than pseudoscience, Guru claims, or “one-size fits all” commercialized weight-loss methodologies. Featuring both algorithms that account for the demands of Threshold Training’s programs, and a highly customizable format that accounts for the needs of each individual client, Renaissance Periodization’s templates have been used by dietitians, athletes, and coaches (including  several members of Threshold Training’s training staff) to ensure that they and (their clients) are getting the most out of their training. Simple, direct, and easy to follow, Renaissance Periodization’s templates are easy to follow, and come with the support and guidance of a Threshold Training Coach. Best of all, because Threshold Training is a preferred integrated partner of Renaissance Periodization, we’re able to offer these programs to Threshold Training Community members at a significant discount.

How They Work.

At the onset of the program, participants in all of TTxRP programs complete a comprehensive intake survey. Designed to get to each client’s “why” these surveys help TT coaches both develop a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s goals, and proactively identify potential sticking points they’ll encounter. Upon receipt of the survey, coaches will work with Renaissance Periodization to develop a 13-week, personalized nutrition plan for each client. During the first week of the program, Clients will meet with their coach to review their template, understand how it works, develop a plan for action, and receive their initial intake measurements (Group participants will receive this orientation during the initial Nutrition Seminar; Individualized Plan participants will cover this material in their first consult). Over the course of 13 weeks, participants will follow the instructions provided on their template regarding WHAT they should be eating, WHEN they should be eating it…and WHETHER they’ll need to adjust their plan based on changes in their activity level. Group participants can correspond with their coach via email, while Individual participants can schedule up to 5 1-on-1 sessions with their coach. Individuals will have the option to leverage the strength of the participating community by electing to share their progress with others vis-a-vis the TTxRP closed facebook group. At the end of the 13 weeks, individual swill re-convene to have their final measurements taken, and to celebrate in their accomplishments! It’s that simple!

What the Plans Include.

All of Threshold Training x Renaissance Periodization’s Nutrition Counseling Services include:

  1. A Comprehensive Intake Form. Designed to get to the root of your “why”, completed intake forms are reviewed carefully by a Threshold Training Nutrition Coach to ensure that you’re following the nutrition template that will best suit your goals and objectives;
  2. A Customized, 3-month Renaissance Periodization x Threshold Training Nutrition Template Plan. After reviewing your goals, and accounting for variables like activity levels, age, current weight, training frequency and rigor, and sleep patterns, Threshold Training provides a comprehensive, 13-week nutrition plan. Each plan provides specific guidance on WHAT to eat, HOW MUCH to eat, and WHEN to eat, and can be further customized according to the goals / response of the client.
  3. A 75-minute Nutrition Seminar. Threshold Training Nutrition Coach. During the seminar, your assigned coach will take you on a step-by-step walkthrough of your template, review your survey results with you, and discuss strategies for dealing with the potential pitfalls that stand to knock you off course;
  4. Before-and-After Body Composition Measurements. In order to help you appreciate how far you’ve come, Coaches will measure your body-composition both before and after the 3-Month Plan;
  5. On-going email support. Each RPxTT Plan offers unlimited email support with your coach.
  6. (ELECTIVE): 1-on-1 Coaching and Support. Individual who elect to participate in the Individualized Plan can interact directly with their coach in a series of regularly scheduled 1-on-1 meetings with their coach.

Program Pricing.

RPxTT Template Plan Program (Group Program): $159.99 plus tax (Click HERE to Register).

Similar to Renaissance Periodization’s Base Template Plan, RPxTT Template Plans include a Customized, 3-month Renaissance Periodization Template, PLUS:

  • An Intake Assessment;
  • A 75 Minute Nutrition Seminar;
  • Intake and Out-Take Body Composition Testing;
  • On-Going Email Support;
  • Access to the TTxRP Facebook Group, featuring support resources, recipes, and similar;
  • An EXIT 1-on-1 consult to ensure that you’re accountable to your goals upon conclusion.

 RPxTT Nutrition Plan & Coaching Program (Individual Program): $319.99 plus tax (Click HERE to Register). 

Comparable to Renaissance Periodization’s $575 Diet Plan – 3 Month, the RPxTT Nutrition Plan & Coaching Program is a tremendous value. It includes everything provided by the RPxTT Template Plan Program above, plus:

  • Monthly body composition testing to help you monitor your progress;
  • Program adjustments as necessary to ensure you’re on-track with your plan and goals;
  • 6 x One-on-One 45 minute Nutrition Counseling Sessions / Evaluations with your assigned TT Nutrition Coach.

Learn More About TTxRP Nutrition Coaching Programs.


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