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Attention all Runners,Triathletes and Cyclists: 

Ever wish that you could effectively incorporate core strength work into your training plan without compromising key workouts? Ever wish you could inject the same sense of community you feel on race day into your day-to-day workouts? Ever aspire to take your fitness to the next level…but feel unsure as to how you should proceed?

High-School or Collegiate Athletes: 

Ever wish that preparing for the season could be as much fun as the big game? That the strength and conditioning work required by your sport could be something that you’d really look forward to? Or that you could do all your off-season workouts with your line-mates or teammates so that you could always motivate one another? Ever feel like your skills are coming along, but that there’s a strength and conditioning piece that’s holding you back, and you don’t know how to address it?

Coaches: Have you ever wondered how much more you could teach your athletes if you didn’t have to dedicate so much precious practice time to conditioning? Maybe you’ve dreamed about how much further you could bring your team if all your athletes started the season in peak physical condition, with the same sense of camaraderie they’d developed at the end of last season? Perhaps you’ve wished that there was a program your athletes could follow to dramatically reduce the likelihood of a season-interrupting (or worse – ending) injury?

Look no further; Wish no more. 

CrossFit Threshold Training’s Specialty Training Programs inject sport-specific training programs with the same dynamic, supportive training environment typical of our traditional group training sessions, without requiring On-Ramp. Ranging 18-24 weeks in length, Specialty Training Programs provide athletes and/or teams with a sport-specific training plan for either a specific event (Marathon, Spartan Race, or Triathlon), or the beginning of a sport season (Fall/Winter/Spring High School Athletics, or the start of the Ski or Ride Season). Each plan details the all of the specific steps athletes participating in the program will need to take in order to achieve their goals, and provide detailed guidance regarding how each training session should be scaled based on ability level, training age, and other factors. In addition to the training plan, Specialty Training Programs provide opportunities for all athletes participating in the program to regularly train together under the guidance and supervision of a Coach, and often provide participants with the opportunity to attend other clinics and or workshops pertinent to their preparation for free or at a greatly reduced cost. In order to ensure that all participants have adequate access to the Coach (or Coaches) leading their Program, enrollment for each program is capped at a set number of participants.

To be clear: modified CrossFit workouts these are NOT. Our Specialty Training Programs leverage both our staff’s library of sport-specific coaching credentials and background in Exercise Physiology, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, and Mobility to create performance-oriented, sport-specific training programs. Designed specifically for the rigors of the sports for which they’re developed, Threshold Training’s Specialty Training Programs provide athletes with:

  • A detailed, sport-specific training program that articulates the specific steps they’ll need to take to realize their goals;
  • A World-Class, coach-led, motivating group training environment they can use to execute their program;
  • The guidance they need to ensure that they’re successful with their endeavors, and that they remain injury-free throughout their journey.

Spring / Summer 2014 CrossFit TT Specialty Training Programs:

TT Spartan Race Prep Program: May 12 – September 18th (20 wks).

Combining the aerobic base, leg-speed and mileage provided by a traditional 5k, 10k, or half-marathon training program with the core stability, pushing and pulling strength, explosive jumping capabilities, agility, and muscular endurance demanded by Obstacle Racing, Threshold Training’s Spartan Prep Program is the ultimate way to prepare for the rigors of either the Spartan Beast or Sprint at Killington this September. Because the program doesn’t require a separate gym membership, it’s also a great bargain: the classes included with the Program are less than $5 each!

TT Varsity Fall Performance Training Program: June 23 – August 22 (8 wks).

The TT Varsity Fall Performance Training Program is designed to deliver High-School age athletes to their Fall Training Camp in the best shape of their lives, with tissue and joint functionality that will dramatically reduce the likelihood of a season interrupting injury, and to help participants  become better athletes, teammates, and students by providing them with practical lessons in nutrition, organization, and goal-setting. The program features three unique program tracks: Power/Speed (Football – specific positions)Speed/Agility (Football – specific positions, Soccer, Field Hockey), and Endurance (X/C Running): although athletes will train together and perform team-building exercises with one-another, they’ll be performing exercises specific to their sport’s program track during each session. Designed to be more than strictly a training camp, TT’s Varsity Fall Performance Training Program employs the same training principles used by olympic, professional, and elite amateur athletes at the peak of their craft to help student athletes:

    • Prepare for their upcoming season,
    • Protect themselves from both the hazards of their sport(s) and the dangers of overtraining/over-use,
    • Empower themselves by providing them with the resources they need to:
      • Realize their athletic potential;
      • Sustain their conditioning from day-to-day, season-to-season;
      • Make life-decisions that are consistent with the needs of competitive athletics.


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