Warmup: 3 minutes of Double Under Practice, followed by OH passthrus and air squats, dowel bar airsquats, and light bar airsquat technique review.

A1. Overhead Squat Progression. 5 x 5. Build to a heavy set of 5. Bar must be taken from ground.

Then, on a continuously running clock (meaning: no rest between A2 and A3):

A2. Max DU in 3:00. Everyone needs to be attempting DUs. DU attempts count, even if you trip on it. Singles do not count, at all.

A3. “Death By Wall Ball”

Every Minute perform the specified number of wall ball reps.  (Athlete needs to meet standards: below parallel and ball to target (not above, not below, not chucked into the air. Hit the line. Be honest: no rep yourself. We will no rep you if we see it. Fair warning.)

1:00 – 1 Rep

2:00 – 2 Reps

3:00 – 3 Reps

……Continue for as long as athlete can complete the number of reps in the minute. 25 minute Time Cap.